1) Commuting Goods 

We offer our departments and food outlets a way to commute their goods across campus without having to carry it around to the destination wished to reach. If what is needed is one cart, all that is to be done is to request a cart via the EXT. 4153 an hour before the time needed for the cart. However, if you are in need of more than one cart, a request has to be sent for 3 hours prior to the time you need the cart to be avaialble. 


2) Shuttle service

The shuttle service is here to make staff and departments lifes easier when wanting to get around campus. Carts will be circuling the campus at specified times to pick up and drop off staff and departments at pick up and drop off points. 


3) Events 

If you are from a department, or from the schools, or in charge of a club and are hosting an event you need a cart to come forth to your every need. We offer you the option to reserve carts to be with you during and throughout the event. 
For Major events (Ex. Graduation, Concerts etc.) : 
- A reservation has to be made 4 days prior to the day of the event.  
For Minor events (Ex. Guests, Speakers etc.): 
- A reservation has to be made 48 hours prior to the day of the event.