Branding and Visual Identity Manual


Regulations for Correct Usage of Logo Include:

  • The University nameplate must appear on all publications (print, web and mobile apps) material. For high-resolution nameplate files, please contact the Office of Advancement and Communications or email
  • The “star” icon and University name MAY NOT appear separately at any time.  
  • The nameplate must always appear in a horizontal position (never vertically). 
  • The nameplate must always be of a comparable size to the publication’s title font. 
  • No text may be added to the nameplate
  • For nameplates, colors and fonts, please check the following:


Image Regulations

Only AUC photos are allowed on all publications (print and online) (ie. cliparts, stock image, non-AUC photos). Images uploaded on the Web site should be resized to the correct size and resolution as specified in the CMS Manual. The CMS Manual can be checked here.


AUC’s Stock Image/Clipart Policy

  • All people photos must be of the AUC community (no stock image of people).
  • Clipart/cartoon like images are not acceptable on any AUC publications (print or web).
  • Outer space-related photos and certain science photos are acceptable to use, provided there is proper photo credit and not copyright issues are being violated
  • Generic photos like charts, keyboards, piles of book for example are acceptable to use, provided there is proper photo credit and there is no violation of copyright issues.
  • All stock images must be bought and proper photo credit must be written. A copy of the high resolution photo must be sent to the Office of Advancement and Communications along with its proper credit so that it is accessible to the rest of the university.
  • All photos bought must be royalty free and carefully checked that there is no limit on photo usage/reprinting.

Examples of Acceptable Stock Images                               Examples of Unacceptable Stock Images






 Examples of Clipart (any clipart is unacceptable)


Concept Images/Concept Messages

  • Concept advertising will be reviewed case-by-case keeping in mind AUC’s integrity and branding policy.


General Photo Guidelines

  • AUC logo must be clearly visible
  • A clear message tying the photo with AUC (campus, students, alumni, program, event)
  • Standard branding guidelines apply (fonts, colors, copyrights and photo credit issues)