University Policy on Internal Printing

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Communications policies outline the rules and regulations that govern the representation of the University to all internal and external audiences. These policies extend to all forms of communications and apply across all channels and communication vehicles in which the University is being represented as an institution. The purpose of these policies is to ensure that all communication that takes place on behalf of the University is done in a manner that is consistent with the University’s quality standards, branding and visual identity manual, editorial style guide and strategic positioning.

The Office of Communications is responsible for ensuring compliance with the policies outlined below.

 Branding and Editorial Guidelines

University Policy on Internal Printing 

Media Relations Policy

Social Media Policy 

Advertising Policy 

University Policy on Internal Printing

As part of AUC's commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly polices, all publications targeted internally at the AUC community should be distributed electronically. This includes newsletters, flyers and invitations. If there are extenuating circumstances, a dean or area head may grant an exception to this policy.