Boot Camps 2019

AUC hosts several summer boot camps with professional and academic learning goals.

What is a boot camp?

A boot camp is an intensive, focused, short-term learning program that aims to equip learners with specific skills that have immediate relevance to career or academic goals. Teaching or training methods are experiential, hands-on and dynamic, with real-world relevance, problem-based learning, teamwork, and individual development. 

Boot camps include little theory and more practice that is clearly transferable and immediately applicable to professional or other contexts.

Boot camps are offered as non-credit summer courses with various needs and purposes. The duration can extend from one week or three weeks.

Boot camps are not awarded any credit toward programs at AUC.  


Engaged Generation

Engaged Generation

Getting kids involved in activities that teach them about civic engagement and social responsibility early in life contributes greatly to their development into responsible adults who strive to make a positive impact in the communities they belong to. This one-week summer program builds their basic civic knowledge and helps them understand their role as active citizens. Participants aged 7 to 12 are exposed to issues such as: maintaining a green environment, the negative impact of bullying and sensitivity toward those with disabilities. They will explore these critical issues through a series of fun, engaging activities with the help of students from AUC. At the end of the course, they will share what they learned with the group to develop their skills in conveying valuable messages to members of their community.
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Digital Photography and Creative Skills

It’s time to move on from your camera’s AUTO mode and learn how to capture artistic shots of human subjects, still objects and scenic landscapes like a professional photographer. This course will teach you the fundamentals of photography, how to operate your camera and what all those buttons are actually used for. Learn about composition and light; discover concepts like exposure, aperture, depth of field and shutter speed; and take stunning photos in black and white. By the end of this program, you will be taking photos that can be considered a work of art.
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Visual Discoveries through Poster Design

Posters! Posters! Posters! Explore the visualization of ideas, experiment with process-based learning and overcome the limits of your expectations! This boot camp will introduce you to diverse design techniques and approaches that will help you decide what works best for your topic. In just five days, you will learn how to create an impressive poster using a mix of analog and digital mediums.
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Envision Your Future: A Career Exploration Journey

Finding a job can be a challenge on its own. Knowing exactly which career you want to get into is a whole different ball game. What if you were given the opportunity to take a sneak peek into the job world? What if you knew the secrets to finding your true passion? During this course, with the guidance of career experts with years of collective experience in career advising, hands-on learning and employer relations, you will: learn about the various career options available to you as a young adult, discover what the job trends are in today's competitive market, find out what qualities you possess and what skills you need to develop to pursue your dream job and develop a personal plan to achieve your career ambitions.
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Survey Design and Data Analysis in Labor Economics

If you are a social scientist or young researcher with an interest in topics like women’s empowerment, wage structure, inequality and migration, this five-day boot camp may be for you. The course provides a comprehensive and practical introduction to survey design and data analysis. Find out how household surveys are designed and used in research; receive hands-on training on data analysis of large surveys; and learn to use the leading statistical software package favored by researchers around the world, especially those working with very large data sets.
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Media and Digital Skills for Beginners

Modern media, in all its forms, is one of the most powerful tools influencing our everyday thoughts and opinions. Tackling some of the basic concepts of media ethics, this introductory course in media and digital skills will teach you all about media in the modern world, help you become more informed and make better judgments, and prepare you for some of the ethical situations you may confront in your media career. Guided by experts in the field, you will also learn how to create professional and compelling media content.
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Arabic Calligraphy and Lettering Workshop

Have you always admired the elegance of Arabic calligraphy and lettering but never had the chance to learn the art? Now you can study the fundamental strokes and create beautiful, bold lines using simple and complex Arabic characters.
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Back to the Future: A Journey in Egyptian Art and Architecture

It’s never too early to develop a child’s inner architect. When children and teens design and create structures, they draw upon a variety of skills and areas of knowledge including math, engineering, history, social studies, planning, art and more. From ancient to modern, students in this boot camp will embark on a guided tour of Egyptian art and architecture. They will not only enhance their sketching and construction abilities, but will also learn to think in three dimensions and create finished pieces from start to finish.
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