Volunteering Initiatives

Collaboration with Ministry of Social Solidarity

In an effort to improve the well-being of our communities and develop a positive course for the country, we approached the Ministry of Social Solidarity to discuss options for collaborating on some of its most pressing initiatives.

Your volunteerism is needed to support the following initiatives:

  1. Established in 2015, the Beena initiative mobilizes young volunteers and the greater community in monitoring the quality of services provided by social welfare institutions to orphans, the elderly and individuals with disabilities. For more information, click here.
  2. The drug control and treatment of addiction initiative collaborates with relevant partners to support and provide free treatment and rehabilitation to those suffering from addiction. It highlights the role young people play in prevention efforts and focuses on family as an essential factor in protecting youth from drugs and smoking. For more information, click here.
  3. The final initiative advocates for homeless children by providing unique activities and support. Working through 17 teams with mobile vans, the initiative seeks to engage children in non-traditional activities, place them in care institutions or, if possible, reunite them with their families.

If you are willing and have the time to take part in any of these initiatives, please send an email to alumni@aucegypt.edu, specifying the initiative you wish to participate in and the type of support you can provide. We will then arrange a meeting with the representatives of the initiatives to discuss moving forward.

Today, it is our role to make a difference and an enduring impact on the future of Egypt.

For further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact Raymonda Raif at monda@aucegypt.edu or Manar Ayoub ’91 at manara@aucegypt.edu.


Volunteer in an Alumni Chapter

In order to ensure maximum attendance and to satisfy all your interests, we would like to involve you in the planning of special events. We are looking for interested volunteers to form an alumni chapter committee.  We would like to recruit a committee consisting of a President, Vice President, Social Media Coordinator, Event Coordinator, and a Fundraising Coordinator. We are more than willing to recruit more than one alumni in each role except for the President.

If you are interested to join and formally establish the chapter committee, please send us your information as soon as possible to alumni@aucegypt.edu

We are going to meet with all who are willing to serve on the committee as per your time permits to select the final members. Please feel free to contact us had you any suggestions or inquiries.

Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully to seeing you all very soon!