Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is a small volunteer service body representing alumni worldwide. Serving two-year terms, members of the council facilitate communications between alumni and the University, increase the University’s visibility, and support the advancement of the University’s strategic goals. Members will also play an integral role in AUC’s 2019-2020 centennial celebrations.

To review the council’s bylaws, click here.

Founding members of the AUC Alumni Council (local and regional)

Managing Director and CEO - Egyptian Kuwaiti Foundry (EKF)
General Manager and CEO - Egyptian German Automotive Co. (EGA)

Ismail '87 holds a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering from AUC. Ismail is now the managing director and CEO of the Egyptian Kuwaiti Foundry (EKF) and the general manager and CEO of the Egyptian German Automotive Co. (EGA). Ismail was the vice president for operations and projects, Trident Petroleum Company. Ismail has been engaged for almost 32 years in many fields with different expertise.

During his study at AUC, he acted as the chairman of the Student Judicial Board (SJB). He has always been a very active and engaged alumnus. He was the head of the 1987 class chapter, the founder and administrator of the Facebook group called “We of AUC Forever” which he started 11 years ago. Using his vast network of friends, Ismail hosts much-anticipated events and trips throughout the year - not only for his classmates but for all AUC alumni. His warmth of spirit and generous nature have made him a friend to everyone he meets and he has become well known among his peers for his lively gatherings in Cairo, Dubai and London. For his longstanding dedication and his commitment, he was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Volunteer Awards back in 2012. In addition, Ismail was a member of the Parents Association Board and a proud parent of AUC alumnus Omar.


Managing Director, Egypt for Information Dissemination S.A.E.(EGID)

Asham earned his BSc and MBA from The American University in Cairo (AUC).

Asham held several positions in a number of multinational organizations including IT manager at Santa Fe Drilling, several positions at Reuters in Cairo and Geneva, ending as the marketing and business development manager for the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa region. During that period, he built the exchange data on Reuters platforms for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) markets and developed several products and services related to the MENA financial markets.

Asham currently serves as the chief executive officer and board member of Egypt for Information Dissemination (EGID), a subsidiary of The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) and a joint venture with NASDAQ. In addition, he is the managing director of EGIT, another subsidiary of EGX and EGID, as well as a board member of the Citadel Capital Financial Information Center at AUC. Asham’s research is in the area of development of Middle East financial markets. He was also actively involved in the development of electronic trading in Egypt, defining strategies of EGX and the automation of many financial markets in the region. Asham is a faculty member at the AUC School of Business, where he is teaching the first FinTech course in the master’s program in Spring 2018. Asham is a member of the Financial Information Services Division (FISD) and FIX Protocol Limited (FPL) in the FinTech arena, as well as the founder and chairman of Shorouk Misr, an Egyptian NGO in Upper Egypt operating in the field of micro-finance.


Credit Exposure Management Associate, Commercial International Bank (Egypt)

Graduating in 2007 from The American University in Cairo with a bachelor’s in accounting, Selim represents the second generation of her family to attend AUC. After obtaining her degree, Selim started her career in the American Chamber of Commerce where she worked as a communications specialist in the CEO’s office and has since moved to CIB where she has worked as a senior corporate analyst and is currently a credit exposure management associate.

In addition to her career in the financial sector, Selim dedicates her time to the arts, specifically dancing. During her undergraduate years, Selim continued to express her passion for the arts, joining the AUC Folklore Group during her second year at the University.   

Prior to attending AUC, Selim studied classical ballet, jazz, hip-hop contemporary and Latin dancing. Upon graduation, she founded the AUC Alumni Folklore Group with the help of the Alumni Office and the Office of Advancement and Communications. Her idea grew, inspiring alumni dancers from 20 different generations to join together to pursue their love of art and dance. Selim followed her passion and exerted time and efforts to make her dream come true by helping to promote the Egyptian folklore culture as part of our heritage and sustain its activity among the alumni community. 

For her longstanding dedication and her commitment and to keeping the AUC spirit alive among her alma mater, Selim (Pinky) was the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Volunteer Award at the 2017 Alumni Awards Ceremony.

Founder Marketing Mix Consultancy and CEO/Chief Strategist Creative Creative Lab Group 

Randa holds a BA in Mass Communication (with honors) from AUC in ’88. In 1991, as a Chevening Scholar, earned her Master of Science in International Marketing from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland. 

In 1996, Randa Ibrahim Abdou quit her job and embarked on a marketing endeavor to support local companies. She introduced the concept of hands-on consultancy and founded Marketing Mix, which succeeded in turning around several Egyptian brands and in launching major ones from scratch. The success stories earned Randa the recognition of the Ministry of Investment in 2007 for her positive contribution to the Egyptian Economy. Joined by two partners in the success of Marketing Mix and a passionate team, Randa co-founded in 2001 Creative Lab Advertising, which grew to handle major leading local, regional and multinational brands. The expansion continued into ICE Branding in 2009 then Change4Good in 2012 as well as Creative Lab Dubai. In 2017, Randa co-founded MountPR as a non-executive partner. Randa, her partners and the team pride themselves with being linked to exceptional RESULTS and in recognition of such results, Randa was recently selected by Wharton University in the book titled Arab Women Rising - 35 Arab Women Entrepreneurs Making a Difference. In 2006 she was also featured in the book “Entrepreneurs at the Crossroads” published by the Beyster Institute, University of California San Diego. In Egypt, Randa was also featured in the book “Entrepreneurship; published by the Ministry of Investment and the Social Fund profiling leading entrepreneurs in Egypt.

Earlier in 2000, she was selected by Egypt Today Magazine as one of Ten Dynamos Who Will Shape Egypt in the Next Decade. In addition to her role as CEO and Chief Strategist of Creative Lab Group, Randa is a board member of 138 Pyramids, a mentor with Endeavor Egypt, a judge with Injaz and Goldman Sachs, member of the AmCham core Marketing Committee, and was also a member of the Advisory Council of the President of AUC. As a payback to Egypt, Randa, in 2014 founded madronos initiative aiming at spreading practical marketing knowledge among junior marketers and marketing students. Before founding Marketing Mix, she was the Marketing Manager of PepsiCo Foods Egypt and previously the Market Research Planning Manager of Procter and Gamble Egypt and had started as an account executive at Americana Advertising. She was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award back in 2015.


Managing Director, Qalaa Holdings and Chairman, Egyptian Private Equity Association

El Ebiary is currently a Managing Director of Qalaa Holdings and the Chairman of the Egyptian Private Equity Association. Before joining Qalaa Holdings, an African leader in infrastructure and industry, in February 2006, Mr. ElEbiary was a banker with the Investment Banking Division of Merrill Lynch in New York, where he participated in Merger and Acquisition transactions, in addition to public and private financing of telecom and media companies in the US and Europe. Previously, he was Business Analysis Manager at the Corporate Finance Department of the MeadWestvaco Corporation in New York. Mr. ElEbiary also spent five years with Procter & Gamble’s Finance Group, his last post was Finance Group Manager - Internal Control for Egypt, Lebanon and East Africa. He sits on the board of Renaissance Capital Egypt and a number of Qalaa Holdings platform companies’ boards including ASEC Cement, Al Takamol Cement, ASEC Engineering and ASEC Automation. Mr. ElEbiary holds a BA in Economics from the American University in Cairo and an MBA from Columbia University in New York. In recognition of his role as a loyal alumnus, Mr. ElEbiary was awarded the American University in Cairo Distinguished Alumni Award for 2018.


Khalifa, majored in political science and started off his career by founding his own company called Omedia in 2009, specialized in publishing, outdoor advertising, and thermal paper advertising services. 

Later in 2015, Khalifa launched, inspired by the employment fairs of AUC. Once the website was in beta version with only 500 users and 50 companies, he had a five-minute meeting to pitch to Naguib Sawiris the idea, which resulted in Sawiris's decision to invest in the company to tackle unemployment.

Today has more than 100,000 registered job seekers and more than 8,000 registered companies. Omar is a member of the AUC fund committee.


Former Relationship Manager - Investments, Oman Insurance Company

Gabr has been serving on the alumni chapter committee in Dubai for the past ten years during which she held the positions of vice president and president. She is an active and enthusiastic alumna.


Director of Risk Services – OSHA Practice, Sedgwick Claims Management Services

Born in Cairo, Soha earned a BA and an MA in Engineering from AUC and a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the University of Miami in Florida. She currently serves as Director of Risk Services – OSHA Practice at Sedgwick Claims Management Services. Since moving to the Bay Area in 1995, she has been actively involved with AUC alumni and the Egyptian community at large. She is president of the Bay Area Egyptian American Society.


Enterprise Sales Manager, Riverbed Technology

Fady was born in Cairo Egypt.   He graduated from the American University in Cairo (AUC), majoring in Materials Engineering with a minor degree in Electronics. Fady started his professional career at AT&T International in Egypt working with the USAID to update the digital phone switching system nationwide. After two years, he moved to New York and joined Bell Labs for three years where he met his soul mate Hoda Rafla, also an AUC graduate while she was visiting the United States from Egypt. They got married and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. They have two sons Andrew and Michael.  Fady worked for a number of technology companies in the silicon valley such as Nokia, Fortinet and Riverbed.

Fady is looking forward to serving the AUC Bay Area chapter and the Egyptian American community at larger. He resides in the East Bay in Danville with wife Hoda Rafla.


Newly Elected Members

AUC was the seminal educational experience in my life and one that has and will continue to shape my work and my perspective as a global citizen and contributor. I believe I owe my rich and successful career and life to my AUC education. For several years, I had been actively involved with student activities as a member of the Student Union during university. Recently, I have been arranging and organizing numerous social activities for the alumni community. I am interested in serving on the Alumni Council because of what AUC  meant to me over the years. One of my goals in serving on the Alumni Council would be to support initiatives to catalyze our alumni network and relations (including students, who are indeed future alumni). I hope to contribute to Council plans especially in communications with greater use of social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) to reach out and stay connected with the alumni community. My plan is to work with council members to foster a spirit of loyalty and fellowship among alumni.  In addition, I am eager to provide the link between all alumni and all constituencies of AUC; identify and inspire alumni and prospective alumni to work in support of AUC and each other. 


I believe it is time to give back to the AUC Community. I have volunteered in multiple roles for various organizations in Egypt and internationally. The key lesson learned is that I have come to understand and value the power of solidarity and networking. Being an Entrepreneur who proudly comes from the AUC Community, I believe that together we can contribute to the betterment of ourselves, our businesses and the communities that each and every one of us is part of should we have a solid platform to do so - the Alumni Council being that platform. Before the council was formed, a group of us, AUC Alumni, wanted to start what was then called "The AUCian Business Association". Given the formation of the Alumni Council, this association would have been redundant and may have been misconstrued as competition. For that reason, we sunset the idea and are now looking for opportunities to integrate our efforts with the AUC Alumni Council. Acknowledging that the Alumni Council has multiple roles to cater to, my prime focus would be on businesses owned and/or managed by AUC Alumni. I will work with my colleagues on the council and from the AUC Community at large to empower us to lobby, network and address matters that affect our business and the environments they operate in.    


Hi, my name is Yasmine Adel Helmy, I graduated from AUC in fall 2000 with a Bachelor of Business Administration. During university years, I was a member of the Business Club, the Advertising Club and a volunteer for English teaching to AUC's community. I started working as a marketing manager for prominent textile machinery companies worldwide, being their sole agent in Egypt. I moved up in the company and built a successful career in the textiles field. This has enabled me to establish a wide connections network in the business world. I developed an early passion for volunteering and community service since school days as we were taught and encouraged to have a broader purpose in life. Three years ago, I started volunteering with an amazing team to manage my school's canteen, which has helped sustain the charity association of "Ahbab Allah" serving 65 challenged children. It was imperative to join the Alumni community of my school "Sacré-Cœur" when they started organizing diverse social and philanthropic events under the name "ANASCE", in which I am proudly an active member. In addition, I have been organizing trips and outings for my AUCian friends for over a year and a half. It has been an indescribable pleasure to celebrate and refresh old friendships as well as forming new treasured ones. This initiative has made me aware of the potential we have as AUCians when we join our forces, chase our dreams and work as a team. I have big goals and strategies to implement for us "AUCians". I intend to do this with your help and support as I'm full of passion for giving back to our beloved AUC. My goals include a health insurance package for every graduate. Mega cultural and recreational events. Large benefits and discounts through your Alumni ID card. Involving our children, the future generation, in AUC activities and helping them follow our path with privileges to AUC Alum parents.  I plan to continue exploring our beautiful Egypt with you all, but I am also looking forward to discovering the world together.  So, stretch your wings because I always keep my promises. *{FOREVER TOGETHER}*


Ahmed Alaa Fayed is currently an assistant professor of public policy. He earned his BSc and MPA from AUC and his PhD in Public Policy from King’s College London (KCL). Following his PhD, Fayed was a visiting fellow at the University of Cambridge. Fayed taught and conducted research at KCL, AUC, DI and Future University in Egypt. Fayed’s research focuses on corruption, education policies, and local governance across the Middle East, with a focus on Egypt. Fayed’s research has appeared in internationally peer-reviewed volumes. He is internationally recognized by the world economic forum as a global shaper. During his time at AUC, Fayed was the Student Union president; also, he was the undergraduate students’ representative at the university senate. He was involved in different student clubs, such as Theatre and Film club, handball team, ES and ISLC. He worked, assisted and volunteered at a multitude of AUC functions office of student development, the Office of Communication and Marketing, core curriculum office and Alumni and trustee affairs office. In 2011-2012 Fayed was elected to represent private universities at the Egyptian Student Union. On his graduation, Fayed received the student government cup in recognition of his long-lasting service to the wider AUC community and its students. Fayed is a loyal AUCian who actively participates in the AUC Alumni chapter in London. If elected, this opportunity shall allow me to utilize my passion for public service where I shall continue serving the wider AUC community and its alumni.    


I have always thought of how I can give back to AUC since it had given us all a unique experience in academics and extracurricular activities. In addition, during my undergraduate years, I was involved in many clubs with different backgrounds and categories, starting from a member to a vice president. This experience made me learn a lot of things such as how to deal with others in and out the University, how to make an event, how to market for an event and so on. This experience made me a new person with a stronger personality; I believe my experience in event organization and connections would enable me to add to this community in terms of effort and ideas. Since this society is meant to reunite the AUC community after graduation for recreation and plan for the best of our beloved community and university altogether. I believe that I can make a change and help the AUC council since I made an impact during my undergrad years. Also, as one of my hobbies, I love gathering people together and doing things that make people connect and can make a lot of memories together, as it makes people happy.


I am Noreen Rashwan, IMC Fall 2015 graduate with a minor in Digital Media Art. I find myself a person who loves to meet new people as well as interact with them regardless of their age, background, personalities or beliefs. I see these differences as an opportunity to learn, discover and know more about oneself, others and the world we live in.     AUC has prepared me to the real world, not only through its academic curriculum but also by participating in its extracurricular activities. Back in the days when I was an undergraduate student, the Office of Student Development, as well as the clubs and conferences committee, has helped me to create my own art club ‘Visual Arts’.  This experience has sharpened my interpersonal skills by guiding me on how to deal with the university staff, students and organizations outside of AUC. Managing those different parties with their various interests was a big challenge that trained me well especially for my current job challenges. Now as an Account Supervisor, I’m expected to handle smoothly different parties with interests that are inconsistent conflict and on top of that ensure that everybody is satisfied as well as proud with the final outcome. For this reason, I would love to participate and be a member of the AUC Council to give back to my university that really had a tangible impact on me personally. Besides my career life, I was lucky to witness plus be part of the social media boom that happened among AUC alumnus through Facebook and WhatsApp subgroups. This opened up doors to meet many postgraduates, graduates and surprisingly undergraduates whom all of them share the same interests, dreams, passion and most importantly their opinions on how the University could have done better in terms of its events, activities as well as its academic curriculum. If I’m elected as a member of the council, I would try my best to bring their perspectives into our meetings and assure that it would come to light. Moreover, I could assist in fulfilling the AUC Council’s mission by making use of the social media boom to initiate AUC Society in which I acquired the know-how through my working experience in the reputable ad agency MI7 Cairo. We have successfully implemented this concept to our urban developer/ real estate clients. If I won the election and become a council representative, I will bring those new perspectives to the council as well as give birth to AUC Society internationally.