Student Tuition Payment Initiatives

In addition to the current existing student tuition installment plan, The American University in Cairo (AUC) is introducing two new payment initiatives to assist students and parents in fulfilling their education financing obligations. The new payment plans will be implemented as of Fall 2018, and comprise an early payment incentive and a student tuition loan plan. Following is a list of the current tuition financing options available to you at AUC.

As an incentive for early payment, a two percent reduction in tuition fees per semester is granted to returning students for tuition fees paid in full, 60 calendar days in advance from the starting date of classes.

Schedule B (as shown below) contains a list of local banks offering tuition loans to parents and graduate students, to supplement the funding of their AUC education. The loan proceeds are provided to the University at the beginning of the semester or academic year, providing full coverage of tuition fees. The University’s involvement in the loan process is limited to communicating necessary information to students and parents and sharing the bank’s various proposals and incentives. The loan arrangement itself would be directly between the bank and the parent or graduate student. An information session held on campus for parents and students in late March 2018 with host banks, will share relevant information and respond to inquiries about the available student tuition loan plans.

The current tuition installment plan offered by the University will continue, with the first installment due at the beginning of the semester as usual. The remainder of the tuition is required within the following two months, paid at once or over two consecutive installments.

Schedule A (as shown below) comprises the alternative student tuition payment methods. Cash payments are not accepted at the CIB AUC bank branch, however the following tuition payment methods are provided. Online and electronic payments are encouraged due to ease of payment and reduced processing time. In addition, cash payments are accepted at any CIB branch other than AUC New Cairo branch.

Schedule A: Available Student Tuition Payment Methods

 Payment Method  Description
 Cash payment  Payment at any CIB branch in Egypt except AUC New Cairo Campus branch
 Bank drafts or certified check  Payment at student service cashier (SSC), or AUC Tahrir Square Campus
 Online payment  AUC accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover
 Bank transfer  Transfer payment to AUC following the instructions of CIB. For bank transfer instructions, click here
 AUC branch of CIB

 Tuition fees in Egyptian pounds will be accepted from holders of MasterCard (only) credit or debit cards issued by any local bank operating in Egypt for payment at the AUC branch of CIB only

 New York Office payment  Tuition payment in US dollars can be made through the New York Office via: certified/cashier's check, money order, bank transfer