Dr. Osman Abousteit Award for Exchanges to Germany

  • To support AUC undergraduate students to further their education through study, travel or work in Germany.
  • This award will support students who clearly demonstrate how their experience at a German university, German company or in a German artist residence will make an impact on their lives.
  • Moreover, this fund may be used to complete a gap year to travel for an educational endeavor, professional experience, artistic residence or activities related to history. It may be used to close the difference between other grants to reach the amount needed to attend university.
  • The award must support a least two students per year who have demonstrated financial need and have a GPA of at least 3.4.
  • Eligible students must meet all of AUC's requirements for study abroad, including proof of student exchange, internship or artist residence in Germany.

To Apply:

Complete an online application through Banner Self-Service.
For application instructions and tips, click here.