Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

What are the scholarships offered by AUC for Egyptian students?

There are partial and full scholarships. For more information on vacant scholarships,  click here. To visit our scholarships website, click here.

How do I apply for scholarships?

  • You will be required to fill and submit one interest form click here. Following your submission, you will receive an email with instructions needed to resume your scholarship application process.
  • For applying to any scholarship you need to fill out an admission application and submit all required documents.
  • In case you have previously applied to the AUC and have an ID number, you can request the enrollment office to defer your admission application to the semester specified.  

If I want to apply for more than one scholarship, do I have to fill more than one interest form?

No, you only fill one interest form in an assigned semester. But make sure to select the scholarships that you wish to apply for.

What qualifications do I need to fulfill to get a scholarship?

AUC offers scholarships based on merit and financial need. Generally, scholarships are reserved for students with strong academic qualifications, self-awareness, interpersonal skills, and who require full financial support to enroll at AUC.

What does the scholarship cover?

Each scholarship has its own terms, full scholarships cover full tuition fees. A number of full scholarships cover transportation, accommodation, books, etc. others may not. Refer to the website for information.

Can I apply/receive more than one financial award (scholarships - financial aid)?

Undergraduate students may combine a financial aid award and partial scholarship award(s). In case of getting a full scholarship, no other awards will be granted.

Should I wait until I receive a decision from the AUC admissions before applying for any scholarship?

No, for new students, you may apply to any scholarship once you receive an AUC ID number. You are advised to start the application process as soon as you receive your AUC ID number. Abide by all the deadlines for the scholarship application process.

How can I maintain my scholarship?

You must be a full-time student (register in at least 15 credit hours per semester). You must also make sure to maintain the required GPA as per your agreement. You must refer to your scholarship agreement that states the specific terms and conditions of your scholarship. If you have any questions regarding the agreement you can send us by email.

Are there scholarships available for students who are not Thanaweya Amma holders ( Ex. IGCSE, BAC, Abitur, IB)?

The scholarships that do not specify the Thanaweya Amma certificate as one of its criteria is open for all other certificates.

What are the scholarships offered for currently enrolled students at AUC?

AUC offers a number of scholarships for currently enrolled students however they may change from semester to the other. Check the website here for more information.

If I was awarded Thanawiya Amma last year, can I still apply for the Scholarships in the coming year?

No, only students who completed thanawiya amma in the same year of the scholarship release are eligible to apply.

Do I have to get my scores for the IELTS or TOEFL before the deadline of the scholarship’s application?

Priority will be given to students who submit their IELTS test results on time. Applicants who submit their IELTS, TOEFL test results relatively late may miss the scholarship opportunity.

As a scholarship student, can I apply to any of the exchange programs offered by AUC, and if so will the scholarship cover the tuition, hostel, and accommodation fees?

If you wish to join the exchange program offered by AUC with other foreign universities, you can apply for exchange programs through the IPO office. AUC will pay only the tuition fees for 15 credits; you will have to bear all other costs. You can apply for the vacant exchange program scholarships that are designed to support students' living costs. You must refer to the transfer unit in the Registrar’s office to make sure that the courses you will take are transferable.

If I am a scholarship recipient, am I entitled to have a double major or double minor?

Note that the scholarship terms cover a specific number of credit hours and a specific graduation date. Double major credits exceed the credits that the scholarship offers as well as extends your study period. Thus, scholarship students are not eligible to have double majors. As for the minor, if the minor credits fit within the covered credit hours by the scholarship and will not delay your graduation according to the agreement you can declare a minor.

Does the Scholarship cover summer and winter sessions?

If you wish to register for summer and winter sessions, you must get permission from the Office of Student Financial Affairs and Scholarships at least one month prior to the beginning of the semester.

What are the required documents for the Cultural Scholarship?

You need to submit certified documentation highlighting your cultural participation and achievements either inside or outside your school.

How can I maintain my cultural scholarship?  

  • Maintain full-time status (be registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester)
  • Maintain a GPA of not less than 2.5
  • Actively participate in AUC cultural activities organized by the Office of Student Life
  • Meet all other award terms stated in your award letter

What are the required documents for the Athletic Scholarship?

You need to submit certified documentation highlighting your Athletic achievements Minimum tournament considered for the scholarship is national. The certificate should be stamped by the sports federation and the Highest Council for Youth.

How can I maintain my athletic scholarship?  

  • Maintain full-time status (be registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester)
  • Maintain a GPA of not less than 2.5
  • Actively participate in AUC athletic activities
  • Continue to participate in the National Universities Tournament
  • Meet all other award terms stated in your award letter

Is the athletic/cultural scholarship applied in the summer semester?

Yes, the athletic scholarship is awarded in the summer semester. It will be calculated proportionally according to the number of credit hours taken by the student during the summer session.

Is the athletic/cultural scholarship applied in the winter semester?