Financial Aid Tips

1.  MOST IMPORTANT TIP: Make sure to press the submit button and make sure you see the following message: “Your changes were applied successfully. Selected application was successfully submitted”. Students must click on the "SUBMIT" button after filling out their application and EVERY TIME they log on to view/edit their application; otherwise their application will be considered INCOMPLETE.

2. It is a must that students update their e-mail address on Banner Self-Service to ensure receiving the office notifications.

3. The financial aid applications cover one full academic year (fall and spring semesters). Both undergraduate and graduate students who successfully submit financial aid applications in the fall semester and received aid awards, do not need to re-apply in spring semester. For those who apply in spring, their aid decisions will be limited to spring ONLY.

4. Make sure to choose the correct category for your application (reconsidering, renewing, never applied or rejected).

5. Note that your guardian may be requested for an interview on a specific date. Adherence to the mentioned deadline is very important in order to process the application.

6. Original documents are to be submitted upon an e-request.

7. DO NOT type in Arabic. The system accepts the Arabic but it does not process it.

8. Make sure to provide all figures of income and expenses in Egyptian pounds and to calculate them annually except for the fields that require monthly figures.

9. In case the guardian is an employee, a statement of their annual net earnings, after all deductions, including bonuses and profit shares is required for the previous year.

10. Make sure to provide information where applicable. If, for example, your father’s income is from private business, then DO NOT report it as salary.

11. Make sure to differentiate between house installments and house rent.

12. Make sure to differentiate between rent as part of yearly income (revenue) and rent as part of yearly expenses.

13. Do not wait until the last minute to apply.  Allow yourself ample time to check the reported information with your parents or spouse and upload the required documents. You may also face some technical problems or system bugs.

14. Make sure to upload all the required documents before you submit the application.  

15. Note that you SHOULD NOT respond to the message that comes from the financial_aid@aucegypt.eduinforming you that you have received a comment on your application. The staff members will not view your reply since this is a “no- reply” e-mail. For inquires, you can contact