NAQAAE Accreditation


Aspiring to the highest standards of education both nationally and internationally and as an integral part of Egypt's education system, AUC applied for accreditation by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE). AUC is the first University in Egypt to undergo the accreditation process from NAQAAE, a body created by the Egyptian government in 2007 to establish quality standards for its educational institutions.



In April 2009, a high-level Accreditation Steering Committee was formed and charged with the responsibility of putting together the accreditation material and writing the three self-assessment reports. The team, which consisted of high-level academics, administrators and staff members, started to work immediately, holding bi-weekly meetings and working in three sub-teams, each responsible for one of the three levels of accreditation (University, school and department). In May 2010, a pre-accreditation team consisting of NAQAAE’s president and the two vice presidents visited AUC and held an information meeting with the Accreditation Steering Committee and other senior administrators  to discuss progress and plans and to answer questions. In July 2010, AUC submitted its self-assessment report and supporting documents to NAQAAE.


In November 2010, AUC welcomed NAQAAE’s internationally selected review team (see biographies) to AUC New Cairo and AUC Tahrir Square, to complete the final phase of a rigorous of appraisal of AUC’s curricula and administrative protocols (see News@AUC coverage). Over a period of four full days (November 7 – 10), the review team held a series of meetings with various AUC constituencies (see visit schedule and photos). On December 28, 2010, AUC received the letter of accreditation (Arabic, English translation) from NAQAAE’s president. A formal celebration to receive the accreditation certificate was originally scheduled to be held in February, but was postponed to April 28, 2011 due to the  January 25, 2011 revolution.