Egypt: A Journey Through Time


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Course Description

Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure among Cairo’s ancient monuments as you discover Egypt’s 5,000-year history. Egypt: A Journey Through Time is a two-week archeological adventure, where you will explore Egypt’s history and ancient civilizations and immerse yourself in the world of the pharaohs, mummies, religions, hieroglyphs, and the archaeology of ancient towns. You will walk through the past, while experiencing the present in the streets of the magical city, Cairo

Learning will be hands-on, allowing you to understand the main social and cultural features of the region. You will also get a crash course in Arabic that will allow you to communicate and interact effectively. This will be your chance to fully immerse yourself in Egypt’s rich culture through excursions meticulously planned for you. You will explore the archaeological sites including the Great Pyramids of Giza, as well as the lavish temples, and tombs in the heart of Cairo. There are many fun-filled social activities organized that you and your fellow Egyptologists can look forward to!

The goal is to provide students with a valuable historical and archaeological academic experience while immersing students in authentic learning settings. If you have always been keen on history and archaeology in ancient Egypt, and a willingness to get out there and have a bit of an adventure, this course has your name all over it!


Join the intellectual and cultural adventure of your lifetime at Cairo from January 12 - 23, 2020.


$ 3,000 -  cost includes the following:

  • Course fees
  • Two weeks accommodation in AUC Residences 
  • Expeditions and field trips

Note: Cost does not include international and domestic air flights

AUC Refund Policy




Medical withdrawal

Prior to the program start date

100% refund of program fees

Visa denial

One week prior to the program start date

100% refund of program fees

Who May Enroll

The program is open for anyone interested in archeology and Egyptian heritage. Both Egyptian and international students and professionals (age 18+) may enroll in this course.


Meredith Brand
Instructor at the Rhetoric and Composition Department

Nermeen Bassily
Part-time Arabic instructor at The American University in Cairo

About the Instructors

Meredith Brand is an archaeologist, Egyptologist, and writer. She has excavated at numerous sites in Egypt including the ancient workers’ settlement at the Giza Pyramids, Abydos, Elephantine, and the Mut Temple in Karnak. Currently, she is the assistant director of Wadi el-Hudi Expedition that surveys and excavates Wadi el-Hudi, a stretch of the Eastern Desert full of ancient Egyptian mining sites and settlements. Brand teaches in the Rhetoric and Composition Department at The American University in Cairo (AUC) and has taught courses on ancient Egyptian history and antiquities looting. She completed her PhD (2019) and MA (2008) in Egyptology and Egyptian Archaeology from the University of Toronto and her BA (2006) in Egyptology from AUC. In addition to writing academic articles about ancient Egyptian archaeology and artifacts, Brand also covered archaeology and cultural heritage in Egypt and the Middle East for Mada Masr and Nature Middle EastNature’s online news about science in the region. Recently Brand has been featured on National Geographic’s Buried Secrets of the Bible and the upcoming Discovery Channel's Uncharted.


You do not need to have any prior knowledge

Students Experience

  • Interactive hands-on sessions
  • Group work and presentations
  • Guest lectures
  • Cultural excursions
  • Social activities

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop an awareness of the ancient and medieval history Egypt
  • Become familiar with the main historical and cultural attractions of Cairo
  • Develop an ability to use basic phrases in Egyptian to suit your needs - greeting others, introducing yourself, making purchases, ordering in a restaurant, asking for help
  • Develop an awareness of your own cultural values, and how they may differ from those in Egypt
  • Become familiar with the cultural features of Egypt - holidays, religions, social structures, common gender dynamics
  • Develop some acquaintances among international and Egyptian students and faculty

Material to Bring?

  • Notebook
  • Pen/pencil
  • Laptop/tablet

What to Pack?

  • Comfortable and modest winter clothing. Do not wear shorts or skirts above the knee, or tank tops for field trips off the AUC campus
  • Walking shoes
  • A heavy/puffer jacket
  • Sunblock (SPF 30 or higher)
  • Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • A backpack for day trips
  • Swimsuit for the pool on the ship
  • Snacks
  • A water bottle
  • Camera (for capturing shots of the city and landmarks)
  • An adapter for your electronic devices. Egypt has the same electrical outlets as most of western Europe, so American electronic devices cannot be plugged into the walls without an adapter
  • Pocket money, for meals, materials, souvenirs, personal trips/outings
  • Special medications used