Young Nutritionists

AUC Children Nutrition Course

Nutrition is a central topic in our lives, yet many adults and children lack crucial information and struggle to create better-eating habits. Knowledge is power when it comes to nutrition and living a healthy life, which is why this course aims to empower young learners by giving them access to knowledge. This course, offered by Mireille Medhat-the founder of Beet It, provides a general framework of what makes food nutritious and a theoretical understanding of nutrition facts. Children will learn how to make healthier choices, read a food labels, create a healthy relationship with food, eat everything in moderation and have a healthy body image and self-acceptance. Sessions will be hands-on, where students will engage in many activities and ultimately prepare simple, delicious foods that promote healthy and easy life habits.

  • Become more nutritionally conscious
  • Develop better and more informed food choices
  • Identify processed food and read food labels to understand the nutritional value
  • Prepare and cook healthy food
  • Develop healthier habits
  • Learn self-acceptance
  • Three days: July 3 - 5, 2022
  • Sessions will run daily from 10 am to 3 pm
  • AUC New Cairo campus
  • Fridays and Saturdays off
  • EGP 2,000 (price includes cooking supplies)
  • 10% discount offered for siblings

Students ages 10-16 years.

All the boot camp participants will receive a certificate of participation from AUC.

The AUC bus service is available for extra fees. Details on the schedule will be shared before the program's start date.
Note that only vaccinated students are allowed to use the bus service.

Accommodation is offered at the University residences.

Mireille Medhat ’09, ’17

Mireille Medhat is the founder of Beet It. She is a nutrition and wellness consultant and children's nutrition coach.

A 100% refund of the program fees will be offered in the following cases. Cases should be reported at least three weeks before the program's start date.

  • Course cancellation 
  • Medical withdrawal
  • Visa denial