Visual Discoveries through Poster Design


A poster is a versatile visual medium that allows for the representation of ideas without being bound by the traditional limitations of language. This gives the medium the flexibility to successfully communicate in different contexts and cultures. A poster can be functional, like a call for participation or an announcement for an event or exhibition. It can also be used as a platform to express an opinion, position or statement. 

During this five-day workshop, participants will learn how to develop their own visual languages through a variety of approaches and techniques expressed through the poster medium. They will be introduced to different graphical and typographic treatments and be encouraged to develop their ideas and find fitting ways to represent them through the course of the workshop. 

Anyone interested in the topic age 18+
Background in design or visual arts is a plus, but not a requirement

Engy Aly has been working as a graphic designer since graduating in 2005. In 2014 and after spending two years in Switzerland, Aly finished her MFA (now MDes) in graphic design at UIC/ HGK FHNW The Basel School of Design. Since September 2014, she has been working in Cairo on design projects. She is an adjunct faculty member of graphic design at AUC. 

Day 1: Presentation: What is a poster? Brief history of poster design

Day 2: Image creation: Experimenting with analog and digital tools to portray different ideas

Day 3: Application of produced visuals on posters

Day 4: Adding the typographic elements

Day 5: Wrapping up and student presentations

A4 paper of different colors and textures

A0 paper

Cutting knife

Cutting mat

Double-sided tape


Black pens of different tips and thicknesses

Tracing paper