Media and Digital Skills for Beginners


This summer boot camp aims to promote conscious and critical use of media and digital technologies among youth by providing training in current, relevant topics and themes. It introduces them to issues such as media ethics and media and gender. Inspired by the Salzburg Media Academy and Media and Digital Literacy Academy of Beirut (MDLAB), this program introduces them to issues such as media ethics and media and gender. Furthermore, it supplies them with tools to protect themselves from fake news, radicalization and cyberbullying. Finally, using accessible digital devices, the program offers participants a great opportunity to craft their own professional media content to deliver meaningful messages.

High-school and freshmen university students

Naila Hamdy, associate professor and associate dean for graduate studies and research

Rasha Allam, assistant professor and associate chair

Marwa Ragga, adjunct faculty member

Salma El Ghetany, executive assistant to director of the Kamal Adham Center for Television and Digital Journalism

Mohamed Gameel, adjunct faculty member

Day 1: Media and digital literacy, fake news, digital workshops

Day 2: Media and gender, photo edit and manipulation

Day 3: Combating radicalization using social media networks, podcasting

Day 4: Cyberbullying, digital security, video editing

Day 5: Media ethics, video editing

A digital or smartphone camera