Back to the Future: A Journey in Egyptian Art and Architecture


Journey through Egypt’s art and architecture from prehistoric times till today. Engage in freehand sketching, coloring and 2D and 3D modeling. Work with your team toward a final mini exhibition and fast track your talents as a young architect.

Students ages 13 and above

Heba Safey Eldeen is a professor of architecture and design at AUC and MIU universities. She is the director of the Architecture & Children Work Programme at the International Union of Architects and director of the house of Egyptian architecture of the Ministry of Culture’s Cultural Development Fund. Among other activities, the house annually organizes awards for schools, institutions and individuals who help children and youth learn about the built environment, architecture, design, history, heritage and sustainability. Safey Eldeen is highly passionate about developing young architects.

Day 1: Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture

Day 2: Greco-Roman and Coptic Art and Architecture

Day 3: Islamic Art and Architecture

Day 4: Modern and Contemporary Art and Architecture

Day 5: Group Presentation and Exhibition