Digital Photography and Creative Skills


An intensive digital photography experience designed for absolute beginners in digital photography or for those who have a little background. Learn about photography concepts, applications, class discussions and workshops.

Students ages 15 and above. No background in photography is required.

Abeer Al-Maadawy is a professor of photography at AUC. Al-Maadawy has been teaching photography since 2009 in different places. She is originally a computer engineer with a passion for art, people and photography. She infuses her experience in the fields of art direction, graphic design, social media marketing into her photography courses.

Day 1: Introduction to photography, camera operation, shooting moods and light

Day 2: Basic exposure, aperture, shutter, ISO and horizon placement

Day 3: Exposure triangle, advanced camera operation 1 and focal point

Day 4: Composition workshop, composition in photography, advanced camera operation 2, patterns and repetitions

Day 5: Light, manual mode, advanced camera operation 3, framing and layering

Day 6: Workflow and editing, home studio, visual weight and direction

Day 7: Portraits and posing, black and white photography

Day 8: Product photography, macro photography

Day 9: Architectural photography and landscape photography

Day 10: Final project

A DSLR camera and a mobile camera