Arabic Calligraphy and Lettering Workshop


This two-week workshop will set you on the right track toward becoming an Arabic calligraphy and lettering pro. It will introduce you to Naskh calligraphy basics and the fundamentals of Diwani script form manipulation. Experimenting with a variety of writing tools, you will work on lettering to create a typographic poster using your favorite quote in Arabic. You will also generate a bilingual quote using your preferred Latin display typeface and developing its counterpart in Arabic typography.

Individuals ages 17+ interested in learning the basics of Arabic calligraphy and creating typographic visuals from Arabic lettering and harmonizing with Latin.

Najla Badran is a design instructor at AUC whose focus is typeface design and typography; her interest revolves around harmonizing typography, where Arabic and Latin coexist, along with the historical development of diacritics in the Arabic script.

Badran holds an MA in typeface design from the University of Reading in the United Kingdom and is currently in her second year of pursuing a PhD also at the University of Reading. She works on various design projects and teaches design.

Mohamed Hassan is an award-winning master of Arabic calligraphy, who holds a diploma in Arabic Calligraphy from the Arabic Calligraphic Institute in Giza and a diploma in specialization and excellence. He received his calligraphic license (Al Ijazah) from the Sheikh of Egyptian Calligraphers in 2015. Hassan has taught at the Arabic Calligraphic Institute in Giza and has participated in various calligraphic exhibitions in the Middle East and North Africa region and Turkey. In 2014, he founded Dar Medad for teaching Arabic calligraphy and design.

Week 1: Introduction and practice of calligraphic styles and Naskh basic forms, Diwani style

Week 2: Arabic lettering and development, poster design, selecting and analyzing Latin display type, developing Arabic counter and final poster design

Paper, fineliners, pencils and brushes

* Calligraphic notebooks, ink and bamboo pens will be available for purchase in course.