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You must be aware of the differences between face-to-face study and taking a course online. Here are some general tips and guidelines to help you complete your courses successfully. We hope you find these tips useful, as they are built on the experiences of faculty and students at AUC as well as good practices from all over the world. 

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Common Student Challenges

“Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow. ” – Albert Einstein

1. Staying Motivated

2. Maintaining Focus

3. Managing Workload

4. Internet Connectivity

5. Screen Time Fatigue

6. Lack of Social Interaction

Tips from Students to Students

Based on personal experience of AUC students

managing-timeManaging your Time

Create a realistic to-do list and set timed breaks
Keep a handy schedule of your weekly deadlines and tests
Wake up early for a fresh start
Study or revise after every class or two
Start assignments many days before the due date (will save lots of time and stress later on


Useful Resource: Time Management for Online Learning

wellbeingLooking after your Wellbeing

Purposefully take time to do something you like such as reading, playing music, exercising...whatever it is, ENJOY it!
Get a good night sleep
Stay positive
Practice self-forgiveness for unproductive stints
Have some healthy snacks handy
Maintain contact with peers and friends


Useful Resource: Center for Student WellBeing

stay-engagedStaying Engaged

Turn your camera on in class because it helps keep you focused
Take notes during class time
Participate in and initiate discussions
Email professors with questions
Stay in contact with the TA
Prepare ahead of the class


Useful Resource: Effective Note Taking

managing-distractionsManaging Distractions

Distinguish between workspaces and spaces for relaxing at home
Attend the class alone (in a quiet room) and not with friends, this makes you focus so much better
Silent your phone and keep it out of your reach during class time


Useful Resource: How To Stay Focused and Avoid Distractions in Online Classes

star-icomSuper Tips

Set little attainable goals for yourself (it helps to feel like you've accomplished something)
Wake up at least 30 minutes before class time
Don't stress yourself out, enjoy it while it lasts
Accept the ups and downs of a socially distanced life
Secure a strong Internet connection ahead of time


Hear from our students

Student Success Page

When I leave my phone out of the room and attend the zoom class without my phone in the room, it just helps me a lot to focus and not get distracted easily.

Logine Hany
Senior, Business Administration
Student Success Page

Trust in yourself, start the work right away don’t wait for perfect conditions and take a 5 minute break every 30-40 mins.

Yasser Elsarrag
Graduating Senior, Construction Engineering
Student Success Page

Assertively seek social and academic engagement.

Frank J Tontala III
First-Year Masters Student, TESOL