Timely Completion of Rhet Courses


AUC has a Timely Completion Policy that governs a number of freshman program and CORE courses, including RHET 1010, CORE 1010, and RHET 1020.  According to this policy, students should complete their RHET 1010, CORE 1010, and RHET 1020 courses during their first two semesters at AUC. Students are not allowed to postpone these courses; they also have a limited number of attempts to pass them.


What is “Timely Completion?” How does that affect me taking RHET 1010, CORE 1010, and RHET 1020?

AUC has a set of courses that all students are expected to complete during their freshman year, and others that should be completed by the end of their sophomore year.  AUC has a set of Timely Completion policies to ensure that students complete these courses accordingly. The Department of Rhetoric and Composition enforces these policies. Some of these policies relevant to Rhet Department courses are:

  • All students, except for those with transfer credits or advanced standing, take RHET 1010/CORE 1010 (6 credits) in their first semester as freshmen.

  • Students must register for RHET 1020 in the semester immediately following successful completion of RHET 1010, preferably along with LALT 1020, or a hold will be placed on their subsequent registration until the issue is satisfactorily resolved.

  • All students should thus complete their RHET courses, during their Freshman year, before proceeding to Sophomore-level status.

  • For undeclared students, only those who have completed the RHET 1010/ CORE 1010 tandem classes, RHET 1020, LALT 1020, and Scientific Thinking, will be eligible to declare a major at AUC. During the semester in which they wish to declare, these students must also have completed, or be currently enrolled in, either ALL or ALL BUT ONE of their required Pathways course(s) and Philosophical Thinking.

    • Any student who wishes to declare or proceed in his or her major without having completed the Freshman Program requirements according to the terms set out above will require explicit written approval from the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. Such approval will be granted under exceptional circumstances.


What happens if I fail or drop a RHET 1010, CORE 1010, or RHET 1020 course?  Will I be in violation of AUC’s “Timely Completion Policy?”

A student who fails or drops one of the above courses is not immediately in violation of Timely Completion policies.  A student is allowed a maximum of four attempts for each of RHET 1010, CORE 1010 and RHET 1020.  Warnings are sent to students who are in danger of not completing these course in a timely manner, reminding them that their continuation at AUC is contingent on successfully completing these courses in a timely manner.


Can I postpone RHET 1010, CORE 1010, or RHET 1020?

Generally, no.  All students are expected to take RHET 1010 and CORE 1010 their first semester at AUC, and then take RHET 1020 and LALT 1020 immediately after completing those courses.  It is only under the most unusual and exceptional circumstances that a student is approved to postpone.  Any petition to postpone has to be approved by the Department of Rhetoric and Composition and the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.


Can I postpone RHET 2220, a 3000 level or a 4000 level RHET course?

Generally yes, unless your major or minor dictates otherwise.