AUC-Sponsored Study Abroad Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

Study abroad is an enriching experience that is valuable for students’ personal growth and can enhance career prospects. The Office of International Programs and Services (IPSO) offers AUC students two types of study-abroad options: 

Exchange: AUC students select from a list of partnered host universities around the world based on suitability in terms of courses offered by the host universities. If placed and nominated by IPS, AUC students travel abroad for study under the terms and conditions of the exchange agreement between AUC and the partner-host, as well as AUC’s study abroad policy. AUC students must follow the transfer guidelines to ensure that the courses they enroll in abroad are transferable to AUC. AUC students pay tuition to AUC and non-tuition fees to the host university. For needy students who hold Egyptian nationality, supplemental funding may be available here.         

Partner-Sponsored Study Abroad: On this type of study abroad program, AUC students pay the host university tuition and fees to the host university. As with an exchange, IPSO nominates the student to the host university, but cannot select the student to go on an exchange basis, usually because of the limited number of exchange slots.                                                             

Note: Students may also take a leave of absence from AUC for up to one year to pursue self-funded study at another institution. AUC students who apply on their own without sponsorship from the Office of International Programs and Services (IPSO) will still need to inform the Registrar and complete the Transfer guidelines, but will not be held to the AUC study abroad policy and travel abroad at their own responsibility.                                        

Requirements to apply and be sponsored:

The AUC Study Abroad policy lists criteria that must be met  the following requirements in order to apply for a study-abroad opportunity:

  1. For exchange programs, have a GPA of 3.2 or higher 
  2. For partner-nominated study abroad, have the GPA required by the host institution, and at least GPA 2.0 at AUC
  3. Have completed 30 credits at AUC, including having completed the following three courses:
    1. Freshman Writing (RHET 1010)
    2. Research Writing (RHET 1020)
    3. Freshman Seminar (CORE 1010)
  4. Have declared a major
  5. Not be in your final semester at AUC
  6. Students who are on disciplinary probation (been found to have committed conduct or academic integrity violations in the semester of applying for study abroad) are not eligible to apply. If they have already applied, their acceptances will be rescinded. If they have been nominated as exchange students, the partner institutions will be notified of their withdrawal for unspecified reasons.
  7.  Program-specific requirements, as indicated by the host institution.

Application screening and selection:

Interested students should complete AUC’s internal online application for exchange/study abroad. A complete application includes a number of separate documents, all of which can be submitted to IPSO. Once the application file is complete, the review committee will screen applications and the selection panel will interview qualified applicants.

Applications go through the following screening stages:

  1. Internal screening:
    1. Eligibility screening for GPA and a complete application 
    2. General evaluation of student resume and personal statement
  2. Specialized Panel: 

Students who pass the first stage are reviewed by a specialized panel including faculty members from their schools. The applicant may be called for an interview with the panel members if needed.

The specialized panel will evaluate the following about the student applicant:

  1. Academic performance 
  2. Co-curricular activities 
  3. Host university choices
  4. Work experience and internships

In addition to the minimum criteria listed above, students may need to meet additional criteria set by the host university. The host university has the right to accept/reject a nominated student. 

  1. For the purpose of exchange as opposed to partner-sponsored study abroad, the review committee will make final decisions on the following rated criteria:
    1. Relevance to academic goals as demonstrated through a personal statement
    2. Demonstrated maturity and ability to handle independent international travel and experience
    3. Diversity of academic and extracurricular activities pursued, as demonstrated in the CV or resume

Final placement is decided by the selection panel according to the applicant’s major and availability of slots at partner institutions

Exchange and Study-Abroad Information Sessions

IPSO will hold four online information sessions for students interested in applying for the Spring 2022 undergraduate study abroad program on the following dates:

School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP)

Thursday, March 11, 2021 from 1 - 2 pm (GAPP majors only)

Zoom Link


School of Sciences and Engineering (SSE)

Sunday, March 14, 2021 from 1 -  2 pm (SSE majors only)

Zoom Link

School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HUSS)

Monday, March 15, 2021 from 1 - 2 pm (HUSS majors only)

Zoom Link

School of Business

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 from 1 - 2 pm (business majors only)

Zoom Link


Application Deadline

The deadline for IPSO to receive applications is April 4, 2021, at 3:00 pm. A complete application MUST include all required documents. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Incomplete applications will not be considered.