List of Universities

List of available universities for undergraduate students for the study abroad and exchange program for Fall 2021:

Region  University Name Program Type Slots for Fall 2021 Comments

Chung-Ang University
South Korea

Exchange Ex: 2 The slots ares for one AY (Fall 2021 and Spring 2022).
Website - International Exchange
  Soka University, Japan Exchange  Ex: 2  
Europe Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona Exchange TBD  
  Catholic University of Sacred Heart Study Abroad SA: 1  
  IESEG School of Management Exchange  Ex: 4 Website Exchange Programs
Business Administration major only
  Bogazici University, Istanbul Turkey Exchange  Ex: 7 Website - Exchange Students Website - Application - Housing - Important Dates - Academic Calendar - Undergraduates Catalog
  American University of Paris Study Abroad SA:1  
  Danish School of Media and Journalism

Ex: 4

Website - Housing - Courses 
Journalism and Mass Communication major only
  Freie University of Berlin Germany Exchange 

Ex: 3


The slots ares for one AY (Fall 2021 and Spring 2022)

Website - International Students Website - Housing - CoursesAcademic Calendar
Proficiency in German (B-1 level/B-2 level is a must)

  Ramon Llull University-Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations Exchange  Ex: 1 Only for Communication and International Relations majors
  Nova School of Business and Economics Lisbon
Exchange  Ex: 3 Website - Website for International Students - Housing - Courses - Calendar
Business and Economics majors only - Seniors are ineligible to apply.
  Lund University Exchange  Ex: 1  
  Sciences Po

Ex: 10

Website - Exchange Program Website - Housing - Courses - Timeline

  University of Geneva, Switzerland Exchange TBD Website - Students - Come to Geneva
  Oslo-met Exchange Ex: 1 Social Sciences Students Only
  University of Bergen
 Exchange Ex: 10

University Webpage - Courses - Academic Calendar - Housing - FAQs

  Erasmus Plus- University of Bergen
Erasmus Plus Erasmus Plus: 2 Only Humanities and Social Sciences students can apply
  Erasmus Plus-University of Edinburgh Erasmus Plus Erasmus Plus: 3  
  Erasmus Plus - University of Helsinki Erasmus Plus Erasmus Plus: 7  
  Erasmus Plus -University of Salzburg Erasmus Plus Erasmus Plus: 2  
  John Cabot University
Study Abroad  SA: 2 University Website - Academic Courses - Academic Calendar - Housing - FAQs 
$50 application fee is waived for AUC students
  University of Oslo

Ex: 5

University Webpage - Academic Courses - Academic Calendar - Housing - FAQs
  Lisbon School of Economics and Management Exchange  Ex: 2

Website - International Student Guide
Economics and Business Administration majors only 

  Leiden University College The Hague Exchange  Ex: 4  
Middle East American University in Kuwait Exchange 


The website for international students 
  Mediterranean School of Business

EX: 7

University Website - Academic Courses - FAQs
Business Administration major only 

 Canada Concordia University
Study Abroad

SA: 2

Website - Fees - Housing - Course Description
Film major is restricted 
  Simon Fraser University  Study Abroad


 USA American University
Washington D.C.  
Study Abroad  TBD

Website - Website for International Students - Checklist - Fees - Housing - Course Description - Course Schedule

50 percent discount on the regular AU semester tuition.
Journalism and Mass Communication major is excluded. 

  State University of New York-New Paltz  Exchange and Study Abroad  Ex: TBD
Website - Website for International Students - Calendar - Housing - Courses
Journalism courses are restricted 
  University of North Florida
Study Abroad  SA: 2 Website - Website for International Students - Housing - Courses - Calendar - Fees
  Elon University Exchange EX:1  
  Hamline University  Exchange Ex: TBD  
  University of New Mexico Exchange Ex: TBD  
  University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Exchange Ex: 2  
  East Carolina University Exchange Ex: 1  
  St.Olaf College  Exchange Ex: 1  
  James Madison University Exchange Ex: 1  
  The University of Arizona Study Abroad TBD  
  University of Central Florida Exchange Ex:1 Architecture major is restricted


Table Key:

  • Ex: Exchange Program
  • SA: Study Abroad Program
  • NA: Not Applicable

Important Notes:

  • Any restricted course/major cannot be taken by both exchange and study abroad students
  • Scholarships are subject to change every semester. Check with the Office of International Programs and Services for more information
  • To view the full list of partnerships, visit this link
  • Students cannot extend their exchange or study abroad period. They have to abide by the term of stay mentioned in the above table
  • Due to the limited places on the exchange programs, it is advisable that students submit their study abroad options at the same time to make sure they are considered for the study abroad program