Application Procedure and Timeline

Students must apply one year prior to the semester abroad they are attending. To apply for the exchange/study-abroad program, students are required to submit both AUC's internal application and the host university’s application, following the timeline below:

Exchange Stages Fall Timeline
  1. Complete the exchange application form using this link 
  2. Submit the following documents to the Office of International Programs and Services (IPSO):
  • Personal photo
  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Unofficial transcript (printed from the web for students)
  • Updated resumé
  • Two recommendation letters from AUC professors (attached to application) 
  • Personal statement explaining your university choices and how these universities are related to your major, as well as why you want to have an academic experience abroad and how this will affect your future

Incomplete applications will not be processed

September - October

AUC internal application deadline 


The committee reviews and screens the applications

The selection panels interview applicants

October - November

Selected students who have applied for exchange and study abroad will be informed of their host universities

November- December 

Post-nomination orientation session (PNO) 

Sign the exchange/study-abroad contract 


Submit the host university application and required documents


Course approval in coordination with the registrar

March - April

Pre-departure orientation session (PDO)


Receive acceptance letters from host universities 

Obtain a visa (it is the student's responsibility to issue their visa)

Pay tuition fees

June - August

Important Notes:
**Fall cycle will open in September/October
**Spring cycle will open in February/March
**AUC students must spend their last semester at AUC