The American University of Paris, France

Come spend the best part of your summer living and studying in one of the world’s most remarkable cities. Located on the Seine River in view of the Eiffel Tower, The American University of Paris is the premier English-language university in France offering the fully United States accredited liberal arts curriculum. Its summer academic experience is truly unique. Courses are exciting, relevant and often incorporate the city of Paris into the learning experience. Students learn in its museums, paint or photograph in its streets, study the multiethnic world of contemporary French life and immerse themselves in European culture. You may take a seven-week course from June 3 to July 20 or enroll in three-week options in creative writing, poetry, film or French language immersion from June 3 to 26 or June 28 to July 20. If you are adventurous, naturally curious, enjoy traveling and meeting people of different cultures and backgrounds, consider spending part of this summer at The American University of Paris. Enrollment in courses and applications for programs open in February. AUC students must apply through the Office of International Programs and Services (IPSO) by completing the summer study abroad application before March 25, 2020

AUP offers a 15% discount on tuition to AUC students.

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