American College of Greece, Athens

The American College of Greece (DEREE) is an ideal choice for study abroad. You’ll find the excitement of Athens, the beauty of the Mediterranean and the famous hospitality of the Greek people attractive reasons to study in Greece. With 21 majors, 32 minors and more than 1,000 courses offered each summer, DEREE provides you with plenty of choices in business, fine arts, humanities, social sciences, communication and more. With a 90 percent Greek student body, you’ll enjoy a full cultural immersion experience with plenty of opportunities to make friends and learn about Greek culture. DEREE is the only institution in Athens accredited in the United States, easing the process of course-credit transfer back to AUC. Enrollment in courses and applications for programs open in February. AUC students must apply through the International Programs Office (IPO) at AUC New Cairo.
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