List of Universities

Partner Institutions

List of available universities for graduate students for the exchange program:


University Name

Term of Stay

Slots for fall 2022



Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India



Management Only


Peking University, China


1 (TBD)

Global Affairs and Public Policy only


EMlyon Business School, France



Open only for Business School


EM Normandie Ecole de Management de Normandie, France



Open only for Business School


Lund University, Sweden





Kozminski University, Poland

Academic Year/Spring


Open only for Business School


Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium




  Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands Fall/Spring 1  
  Technical University of Munich, Germany Fall/Spring 1 School of Governance and School of Engineering only -
Erasmus plus scholarships are available


Region University Name City, State Program Type Consider if you are studying... Restrictions/Comments
Canada Concordia University Montreal, Quebec Exchange   See restricted courses for exchange students here
USA George Washington University Washington, DC Exchange Business, Global Affairs Limited to programs within George Washington's Business School and Elliott School of International Affairs
  Middlebury Institute of International Studies Monterey, California Exchange Global Affairs  
  University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida Exchange   Undergraduate students cannot take classes that are 5000+ level or higher. Courses that have prerequisites are subject to approval from the department and is contingent on the student’s transcript; scholarship opportunities may be available
  University of St. Thomas Saint Paul, Minnesota Exchange   Graduate-level students may be allowed but we need to check with the partner if there is interest
  Marquette University Milwaukee, Wisconsin Exchange   Business exchange students should only take courses worth 3 credits and are not allowed to take ESLP, FIAR, LEAD, EXBU, and ORLE courses. Health science, law school, Graduate School and Graduate School of Management courses have limited availability
  Catholic University Washington, DC Exchange Architecture, Political Science, International Relations, Global Affairs, Mechanical Engineering, Business  
  College of Charleston Charleston, South Carolina Exchange Psychology, History, Accounting Scholarship opportunities may be available
  East Carolina University Greenville, North Carolina Exchange   Students must meet prerequisites for the ECU classes they wish to take. In some cases, students also need permission from the department in which they are trying to take classes as spaces can be limited for the following academic departments: engineering, music, construction management, computer science, theatre, dance, and art
  Elon University Elon, North Carolina Exchange Business (entrepreneurship), communications  
  Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia Exchange    
  Hamline University Saint Paul, Minnesota Exchange    
  Kent State University Kent, Ohio Exchange Communications, Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, Architecture and Interior Design (unless all prerequisites have been completed), managerial marketing are not available to exchange students
  New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Socorro, New Mexico Exchange    
  North Carolina State University (NCSU) Raleigh, North Carolina Exchange Graphic Design Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science do not accept exchange program students. Students are not recommended to study at NCSU during the final semester of their degree if they have very specific requirements to fulfill such as a specific course or an independent study/thesis project
  Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, Arizona Exchange    
  SUNY - Cortland Cortland, New York Exchange    
  SUNY - New Paltz New Paltz, New York Exchange    
  SUNY- New Paltz (Institute for International Business) New Paltz/New York City, New York Exchange   A two month academic program at the State University of New York at New Paltz coupled with a two month professional internship in New York City. For details, click here
  UNC - Wilmington Wilmington, North Carolina Exchange    
  University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona Exchange  

Business: Undergraduate exchange students cannot take classes in any business department (including accounting, administration, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, management, management information systems, or marketing)

Computer Science: Students applying for exchange in Computer Science should be aware that course availability is limited and UA Computer Science Majors and Minors have priority. Further, Computer Science will allow enrollment in a maximum of three CS classes; students should plan to take at least one class outside of the department to meet the required 12-credit minimum for exchange

Students are not permitted to take courses in Retail and Consumer Science or visual communications (graphic design/illustration/typography)

Some programs may require a portfolio or an audition before advanced coursework can be taken (fine arts, performing arts, media arts, music, dance, and architecture)

Graduate exchange students cannot take classes in any Business departments/programs (including accounting, administration, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, management, management information systems) or retail and consumer science. Graduate exchange students are not allowed to focus on research at the University of Arizona. Graduate students that wish to conduct research should come to the UA through the Office of International Faculty and Scholars and must be sponsored by a UA faculty member

  University of Colorado at Boulder Boulder, Colorado Exchange    
  University of New Mexico Albuquerque, New Mexico Exchange MPA,  
  University of North Florida Jacksonville, Florida Exchange Business, All courses requested must be accepted and approved by a UNF academic advisor. Course approvals will be given to students who show that they have met all the course prerequisites
  University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia Exchange   Exchange students cannot enroll in the professional school programs (law, business, and medicine); enrollment is limited to College of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering and Applied Science, School of Architecture, and Curry School of Education
  Utica College Utica, New York Exchange   Programs that have classes that exchange students can take can be found under “on-ground” as well as “minor” programs. See all programs here
  Wayne State University Detroit, Michigan Exchange    
  West Virginia University Morgantown, West Virginia Exchange   Some academic departments including forensics, social work, and the master's in business administration do not allow exchange students to join their courses