Core Values

The following core values underpin all academic and co-curricular programs and activities that support students in their freshman semesters at AUC:

  • Self-expression means having the self-awareness, confidence and ability to articulate clearly and respectfully one's own thoughts, ideas and opinions both orally and in writing. Self-expression also includes listening to others openly and respectfully.
  • Independence means taking responsibility for one’s decisions, learning, actions, obligations and successes. AUCians should display independence as they make academic and extracurricular choices, complete assignments, and acquire self-management and interpersonal skills.
  • Integrity means consistently being trustworthy, honest and fair. Each AUCian should exhibit integrity in academic work, extracurricular activities and in their engagement with the wider community.
  • Intellectual curiosity means the desire to know, the courage to question, and the willingness to invest time and energy into learning more about the world and ideas. It is the driving force behind creativity, innovation, problem solving and scholarly research.
  • Civic Engagement means having an understanding of social complexities, the ability to critically reflect on civic identity and realities, and a commitment to serve others at AUC, in the Egyptian community and throughout the world. AUCians should exhibit empathy and concern for peers, faculty and the community, and engage them in an atmosphere of collaboration, respect for diversity and awareness of ethical concerns.