Important Announcement

In AUC's strong commitment to delivering quality Arabic language and culture education for Americans and other international students, AUC is pleased to announce the CASA@AUC 2021-2022 program. CASA @AUC 2021-2022 is an independent program not associated with the University of Arizona. CASA@AUC program continues to offer its traditional CASA program by the same distinguished faculty within the Arabic department, the program's home for more than fifty years. The program is funded and administered exclusively by The American University in Cairo.

CASA Program 2021 - 2022 Latest Updates

Last updated on April 6, 2021

The CASA at AUC customized program is currently running on the Tahrir Square campus for advanced learners from the United States of America and all other parts of the world. This program is not associated with the CASA Consortium or its administration in UA. The program is similarly planned to run in-person for the coming cohort of June 2021 - May 2022.

The program welcomes learners who can pay tuition and fees and those who qualify for fellowships on the basis both of merit and availability. 

All international students will be required to arrange and buy their own international medical insurance sufficient to match AUC’s medical insurance. For more details, click here. These risks inherent in studying at AUC or anywhere abroad under current conditions, despite the US Department of State’s warning to American citizens to avoid all travel abroad, include the risks of contracting the COVID-19 contagion or other diseases; inadequate local medical care; the lack of availability of convenient return travel to the US; sudden changes in Government of Egypt requirements; and others. 

CASA@AUC has been selected for physical presence, based upon our faculty’s judgment of those for which some degree of physical presence is necessary for full achievement of the program goals. Should the results of the first weeks of limited physical presence under strict risk mitigation measures indicate that we have not succeeded sufficiently in limiting the spread of the contagion,  then we will revert to full online instruction and learning.

AUC will provide housing, including internet access and other support for our international students who need it and apply for it. Contact Nermeen Habib for more information on housing.

AUC has operated continuously and with proven resilience for over a century through wars, revolutions, epidemics, and economic and political crises. We are confident of a successful year ahead in the face of this global challenge.  We very much hope and expect that a significant number of American students and those of other non-Arabic speaking nationalities from other parts of the World will join our over 6,000 Egyptian students in an unforgettable, transformative educational experience in the year ahead; studying Arabic language and culture in Cairo, the largest city in the Arab world and Africa with a population of over 20 million. 

For inquiries and questions, contact ALI, Chair Iman Soliman at or executive director Heba Salem at or

Who can apply?

  • Advanced learners with at least three years of previous Arabic language study, capable of passing the highly competitive and selective admission process and sustaining a full year of intensive dedicated commitment to studying Arabic.
  • Students are already enrolled or who seek to enroll in post-graduate programs.

What does the customized CASA@AUC 2021-2022 program offer?

  • A customized CASA@AUC program for advanced international students worldwide (not only US citizens or permanent US residents).
  • A dedicated full-year academic program in both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and spoken Egyptian dialect, enabling students to reach a near-native fluency in written and spoken Arabic.
  • Theme and content-based instruction curriculum that makes use of special materials, integrated with certain skills and real-world tasks.
  • Cultural understanding through community engagement component, trips, and tours that complement the classroom sessions gives the students an opportunity to practice the language in the streets of Cairo while learning about Egyptian culture, people, values, and traditions.

What does the customized CASA@AUC 2021 - 2022 scholarship cover?

  • Full tuition for 31 credit hours over three semesters, summer 2021, fall 2021, and spring 2022.
  • Monthly stipend for 12 months.
  • One round flight ticket (the student buys and is reimbursed for providing proof of payment and boarding pass). Contact for more information on ticket cap for different geographical destinations.
  • Visas.
  • Arrival pick up from the airport.

Fees that the scholarship does not cover:

Also, check the Pay Your Own Way (PYOW) section below.

The Academic Program

The customized CASA program is a full-year program that is usually presented in three semesters over the year. The summer semester (June - July) focuses on Cairo and Egypt. Students get 20 contact hours per week of Egyptian Colloquial and Modern Standard Arabic. With the focus on Cairo and Egypt, a cultural program is accompanying the study, and students get the first-hand experience. The summer facilitates life in Cairo for the rest of the year.

The fall semester (September - December) focuses on language skills in more detail and the culture of Egypt and the whole Middle East. Learners in this semester study in classes that present social, cultural, literature, and political issues. This takes place with a focus on Reading comprehension, Writing, Listening and Speaking introduced to the students through 20 more contact hours per week. The fall semester prepares the students for the Spring, where they receive Content courses.

The spring semester is a great opportunity for the learners to use their language and cultural competence in content courses of their choice (classes are opened for less than five students). Examples of those courses are the history of Egypt, the Middle East, cinema, translation, literature, etc. Learners also have the opportunity to learn through serving the community. By serving in different places in Cairo and with the Interaction with Egyptians, students learn more language and culture in a natural setting outside the University's borders.

Our language classes use a theme-based, content-based instruction curriculum that makes use of a number of authentic materials, integrated skills activities, and real-world tasks and augmented with rich and specialized culture programs. All materials are developed by experienced instructors to specifically meet the needs of advanced learners of Arabic.

Language Pledge

All customized CASA@AUC fellows will be required to abide by an Arabic-only speaking policy on campus and off-campus as much as possible.

Apply Now

CASA 2021-2022 applications are now closed.

Note that if any fellow decides to withdraw at any point of the program, they must pay the full program scholarship back.

Selection Exam

Applicants are required to send their scores in the following four skills after they sit for the ACTFL exam.

Oral Proficiency Interview on Computer

Writing Proficiency Test

Reading Proficiency Test

Listening Proficiency Test

Arabic Exams Instructions

For technical support, go to

The ACTFL selection exam provides the selection committee with a comprehensive measure of the applicant's current level of proficiency in Arabic. It helps to place them in the appropriate class if they are accepted into the program.

Pay-Your-Own-Way (PYOW)

The Pay-Your-Own-Way (PYOW) option is available to a limited number of qualified students who are willing and able to provide funds for all expenses associated with their program of study (Ask Heba Salem for Presidential Explore Egypt grants to assist American students with demonstrated need with mini-grants to offset their travel expenses).

We encourage you to apply for outside funding. If you manage to secure outside funding, it may:

  • Cover program costs, like insurance and tuition fees.
  • Provide you with a higher monthly allowance than what we can provide.
  • Allow increasing the number of participants, therefore increasing your and others’ chances of acceptance into the program.
  • Select the PYOW option on the application form if you have other funding or are applying for other funding. All applicants, including PYOW applicants, must follow the same procedures to be considered for the program and are evaluated in the same way. Once the AUC Selection Committee has made selections, we will confirm with anyone who indicated PYOW status and determine whether they have been able to secure outside funding.
  • Accepted USA PYOW applicants will receive up to a $1000 contribution from our “Presidential Explore Egypt Grant" toward their program expenses.

PYOW candidates must agree:

  • To assume all financial responsibility for participation, abide by the rules and regulations as a CASA@AUC fellow, and consider this agreement binding until the end of the program.
  • Expenses for PYOW fellows for 2021-2022 program costs and expenses are subject to change for each year.

Exit Exam

All CASA@AUC 2021-2022 are AUC fellows and will be required to participate at an end-of-full-year ACTFL exit exam. This exam is no substitute for regular quizzes or end-of-semester achievement exams/projects.

Living in Cairo

  • AUC offers some apartments near the Tahrir Square campus, a short commute away in Maadi, and near and on our main campus. AUC provides limited transportation for commuting among AUC residences and both campuses.
  • You can choose other places to live in, of course, provided AUC's security office clears them.
  • For more information about AUC housing, contact Nermeen Habib at

Important Note

Keep updated by the latest on travel and COVID-19 precautions and guidelines.

For further information, email AUC‘s travel office at

Dates and Deadlines

Application Deadline January 8, 2021
Entrance Exam

Oral Proficiency Interview on Computer
Writing Proficiency Test
Reading Proficiency Test
Listening Proficiency Test
Arabic Exam Instructions

For technical support, go to
Make sure to complete the test and that the scores are sent to the University before February 10

Acceptance Email April 15
Arrival to Cairo May 27 - June 2 
The CASA Program Orientation June 3
Classes Begin  June 6
Classes End July 15