The Arabic Language and Culture Program (ALCP)

As part of the AUC Arabic programs, The Arabic Language and Culture Program (ALCP) capitalizes on its 90-year experience in the field. We offer quality and highly structured non-academic Arabic courses to learners who wish to develop their Arabic language communication skills and use Arabic in different social and professional contexts. The ALCP courses cater to a wide range of worldwide students with different needs and backgrounds:  Non-Arabs who wish to learn Arabic, Non-Arabs living in Egypt and Arabs living abroad.

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Why Study Arabic with ALCP?

  • Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced Arabic native speakers.
  • Our courses meet the needs of non-native speakers of Arabic as well as heritage speakers of Arabic all over the world.
  • Our Arabic courses run in small class sizes online and on-campus with flexible schedules.
  • Our Arabic programs follow the Common European Framework (CEFR) standards and are rich in cultural content.
  • Our classroom instructions are student-centered, interactive and communicative, and ensure an individualized learning experience.

Modern Standard Arabic Course Levels

Every destination on the different course levels consists of learning units with clear objectives, interesting real-life communicative activities and integrated language skills that take you closer to achieving your language learning targets.

Courses are available both online and on-campus!


Novice Level

The pre-A1 is an introductory course for the Arabic writing system. At this level, you will learn the Arabic script skills and will be able to read and write essential vocabulary and phrases. Throughout the course, you will develop the ability to communicate in a selected number of essential survival situations that require the use of simple expressions and phrases.

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Beginner Level

The elementary A1 level helps learners develop language skills for both oral and written basic survival communications. You will be able to exchange information related to basic everyday life situations and fill out simple registration forms. Furthermore, you will be able to understand, and produce short simple Arabic messages and texts.

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Elementary Level

You will further develop your language skills and knowledge of the Arabic grammar system to process a more variety of language content. You will be able to communicate effectively in everyday recurring communication situations and social functions that require direct and easy oral or written information exchange in familiar.

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Other Arabic Courses

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Pre-Semester Survival Arabic

This is an intensive 20-hour course in spoken Arabic of Cairo, offered twice a year before the fall and spring semesters to International students joining The American University in Cairo (AUC).

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Spoken Arabic of Cairo

Are you a complete beginner in speaking Arabic, with little or no prior knowledge of Arabic? Do you need the basic language skills for traveling in and around Egypt and most Arabic –speaking countries? Do you want to understand and run very simple conversations either face-to-face or over the phone? Do you want to learn the language used in hotels, transport, restaurants, stores and so on? This four-day workshop course lasting over 20 hours is the ideal course for you.

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Placement Testing

We use the AUC Standardized Arabic Proficiency Test (SAPT) as part of our enrollment process to identify your level and learning needs. The test is available online. SAPT is a test that is based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) which is an international benchmark used to describe language ability.

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Assessment and Certification

Based on the continuous assessment throughout your course, your teacher will assess your overall achievement according to the course requirements. You will get a transcript detailing your achievements for that course. When you cover a full level/stage, A1 for example, you will receive a certificate of completion.