Interactive sessions introduce freshmen to life at AUC and tackle topics such as academic integrity and time management

The Academy of Liberal Arts

The Academy of Liberal Arts (ALA) is the cornerstone of liberal education at AUC. Established July 1, 2013, the ALA is comprised of three departments: the Department of Arabic Language Instruction (ALI), the Department of English Language Instruction (ELI) and the Department of Rhetoric and Composition (RHET). The academy's more than 100 dedicated faculty members provide foundational language, writing, critical thinking and cross-disciplinary courses for AUC undergraduate students, including cornerstone classes in the new Freshman Program of the Core Curriculum, as well as providing intensive Arabic and English-language instruction for a wider community, including graduate and international students. In addition to this, the Language and Exchange Partners Program which is an extracurricular activity for students in their courses. Its purpose is to provide the opportunity for learners of both Arabic and English to meet one another and practice their target languages together.

The focus of the ALA is on students transitioning into study at AUC as an American-style, liberal arts University; at the heart of its mission is providing students with an educational experience that will reinforce and expand both their linguistic competencies and their intellectual boundaries, and equip them with the skills in effective reasoning, reading and self-expression so vital to success later both in University and life.

Department of Arabic Language Instruction

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Department of English Language Instruction

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Rhetoric and Composition 

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