Tutorials and Multimedia Content

There is a wide array of content available that addresses ethics and integrity. AUC has recorded many tutorials and lectures to guide students and foster ethical citizens. While much of the content below is probably familiar, it is provided here as a refresher and point of reference. 

The following videos raise questions regarding the ethics behind decisions and situations that students at AUC (and institutions around the world) face everyday.

The Rock Ethics Institute. "Academic Integrity Vignettes." YouTube. YouTube. 30 Jun. 2009. Web. 30 Mar. 2014.

The library's Meggan Houlihan has created a series of short tutorials on using RefWorks:

Part One - Introduction
Part Two - Exporting Citations 
Part Three - Exporting from a Specific Database
Part Four - The Basics
Part Five - RefGrab-It
Part Six - Write-N-Cite