Academic Writing

The academic community expects writers to comply with and follow certain rules that relate to how ideas and concepts are presented in the context of any writing assignment. Often you, as students, are unfamiliar with these rules and the university tries to familiarise you with these rules as soon as you enter upon your university career. One of the tasks of AUC’s Writing Program is to make these rules as clear as possible to every student. Since 98 % of all AUC students pass through The Writing Program at some stage, we expect students to familiarize themselves with, apply, and internalize,  these rules as part of their university education. This is often not an easy process since there seem to be certain contradictions involved in this writing process. Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab summarizes these contradictions quite succinctly by stating that you have to:

  • "Show you have done your research but write something new and original
  • Appeal to experts and authorities but improve upon, or disagree with experts and authorities
  • Improve your English by mimicking what you hear and read but use your own words, your own voice
  • Give credit where credit is due but make your own significant contribution"