Definition of Sponsored Programs

University policy defines sponsored programs as externally-funded awards for activities, which can include research, instruction, conferences, public events, library grants, etc.

If any of the following conditions are present in the terms of the award, it is a sponsored program and funding proposals must be reviewed by central administration through the Office of Sponsored Programs:

  • The proposed work binds the university to a specific line of scholarly or scientific inquiry which requires either a work methodology, or validation of particular approaches.
  • A specific commitment is made regarding the level of personnel effort or items of output, or if achievement of specific performance targets is contemplated as a condition of obtaining sponsorship.
  • A line item budget detailing expenditures by activity, function and a project period must be adhered to as a condition of funding, and a detailed fiscal or activity report or external audit is required at intervals during the course of the work and/or at the end of the project period.
  • The proposed agreement with the sponsor provides for the disposition of either tangible properties (e.g., equipment, records, technical reports, theses or dissertations), or intangible property (e.g., rights in data, copyrights, inventions) which may result from the activity.
  • Support is requested from any US or other government agency, or from international organizations/agencies.

Solicitations involving any of the above conditions are treated as Sponsored Programs and are processed following the guidelines in Pre-Proposal, Proposal and Award.