Vendors and Suppliers

Vendor/Supplier Obligations

This applies to all vendor/supplier obligations relating to purchase transactions conducted on behalf of the university.

Vendors/Suppliers are expected to fulfill these basic responsibilities

1. Handle all written and personal communications with the university through the Purchasing Office unless instructed otherwise by the Purchasing Office, for technical reasons; in which case the Purchasing Office is to receive copies of all correspondence and be kept informed of any oral communications.

2. Negotiate purchasing contracts and all sales with the Purchasing Office only.

3. Conduct negotiations ethically, without attempts to influence through offering valuable personal gifts.

4. Make available to the Purchasing Office or other designated university representatives all available technical information, systems, policies, services that might improve the university’s present or future use of vendor/supplier’s products and services.

5. Advise the Purchasing Office or other authorized personnel of any new products as soon as such information is available. Inform the Purchasing Office of any changes in economic or other conditions that might affect purchasing or operating decisions.

Vendor/Supplier Relations

This applies to all purchasing transactions, to state the basic policy concerning vendor/supplier relations.

It is our policy to maintain and practice the highest possible standards of business ethics, professional courtesy and competence in all our dealings.

At all times, applicable laws must be scrupulously observed. In this regard, the following should be observed when dealing with vendors/suppliers and their representatives:

1. Accord prompt and courteous reception, as well as fair and equal treatment, to all vendors/suppliers and their representatives.

2. Provide equal opportunity for all suppliers to make price and specification quotations.

3. Guarantee the confidentiality of all specifications and price quotations made by the vendors/suppliers.

4. Explain as clearly and fully as possible to vendors/suppliers the reason for rejection of their bids/proposals.

5. Remain free from obligations to any supplier.

6. Keep informed about sources of supply, methods, services materials and supplies and encourage their testing.

7. Keep vendors/suppliers informed about the university activities and policies.

Note:  If, for any reason, one vendor/supplier is permitted to re-quote, competing vendors/suppliers must be given the same opportunity. Re-quoting should be restricted to an absolute minimum.

Vendor/Supplier Selections

This applies to all the university purchases; to define the responsibility for, and provide basic guidelines for vendors/suppliers selection.

The selection of vendors/suppliers is the responsibility of the Purchasing Office and requires a consideration of several factors. In making the selection, Buyers will co-ordinate closely with other departments to obtain adequate and reasonable specifications. Whenever possible, identification of brand names, or sufficient detail, should be obtained to ensure that the order can be correctly filled.

The Purchasing Office staff should endeavor to place orders with regards to the dependability and service record of the vendor/supplier, the nature of the guarantee and warranty of the product, its price and the quality. Preference (no priority is intended) should be given to the following types of vendors/suppliers, providing this involves no sacrifice in quality, service or price:

1. Vendors/suppliers, who are developing new and improved products or equipment, or designing and developing a special product for the university’s exclusive use.

2. Vendors/suppliers with adequate financial strength, who also have a reputation for adhering to specifications and delivery schedules.

3. The university’s Minority Business Enterprise Program.

Local Vendors