Office of the General Counsel and Compliance


The Office of the General Counsel and Compliance, working collaboratively with our clients, seeks to advance the University’s mission through skilled advice, vigorous advocacy and effective, proactive counsel. Our function is to provide, manage and coordinate quality legal services including legal counsel and advice, litigation and legal risk management, contract drafting and review, and other services and counsel to all parts of the University.


To be trusted strategic counselors to our University clients, who are dedicated to offering counsel that is innovative and creative, yet practical and achievable in accord with the best practices of the finest universities. It is the goal of our office to provide counsel to minimize legal risk and costs, reduce litigation exposure, ensure legal compliance, and to do so efficiently, expeditiously, reliably and professionally.

The Office of the General Counsel and Compliance represents the University, including individual AUC officials acting in their official capacities. The office does not represent individual faculty, students, staff members or administrators in personal legal matters outside the scope of their business as University officials. Services include reviewing legal documents and contracts in both Arabic and English and providing legal advice and opinions to various departments in different fields of the law. University personnel should not contact outside counsel concerning University business without prior consultation with the Office of the General Counsel and Compliance. Similarly, all communications from outside attorneys should be referred to the Office of the General Counsel and Compliance.

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We are committed to encouraging and promoting ethical behavior, a culture of integrity, and a commitment to compliance at The American University in Cairo. Our function is to provide day-to-day compliance advice to employees, ensuring that all employees are educated on AUC’s code of ethics, and conducting ongoing oversight and monitoring of compliance with laws, rules, regulations and policies.

Types of Compliance Concerns and Examples

Fraud and Financial Improprieties:

  • “This transaction appears to be a violation of University policy and/or federal regulations.”
  • “One of my co-workers may be improperly using University funds.”

Research Misconduct:

  • “One of my peers may have falsified research results.”

Discrimination or Harassment:

  • “I feel threatened by actions in the workplace.”

To read all University policies and procedures, click here.

Who does the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) represent?
The Office of the General Counsel and Compliance provides legal advice and representation to AUC as a whole. The Office of the General Counsel and Compliance lawyers advise the trustees, officers, faculty and staff in their official capacities on issues impacting the University.

What type of legal services does the OGC provide?
The Office of the General Counsel and Compliance is responsible for providing a full range of legal services to the University. See more at Services.

How can I contact the Office of the General Counsel?
The Office of the General Counsel and Compliance is located in room 2037. For general inquiries, we can be reached by phone at +20 2 2615 2207 or by email at If you need to speak with a specific member of our team, refer to Meet the Team.

Can I retain outside counsel for a University matter?
No. Only the Office of the General Counsel and Compliance can retain outside counsel. If you believe outside counsel is needed for a University matter, you should contact a lawyer in the Office of the General Counsel and Compliance who will determine if outside counsel is necessary and appropriate.

Can the OGC represent or give legal advice to individual faculty members or students on non-University matters?
No. The Office of the General Counsel and Compliance represents the University and works only on University-related matters.

Is what I tell you confidential?
It is privileged as to third parties, but not as to other relevant University officials.

I have been contacted by a third party and been asked to forward to them a copy of a student’s transcript and student file. Do I have the authority to access these files and forward them to a third party?

Normally, no. See useful FERPA links.

Sunanda Holmes 
General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
t: +20 2 2615 2265

Ibrahim Wagdy
Associate University Counsel
t: +20 2 2615 2476

Mohamed Khamis
Senior Director, Compliance
t: +20 2 2615 2216

Ahmed Shehata
Assistant University Counsel
t: +20 2 2615 2214

Hassan El Kassas
Assistant University Counsel 
t: +20 2 2615 2217

Tamer Kamara
Assistant University Counsel
t: +20 2 2615 2483

Kholoud Elsebai
Executive Assistant to GCCO
t: +20 2 2615 2207

Contact Information

AUC New Cairo 
AUC Avenue, P.O. Box 74 New Cairo 11835, Egypt
Location: Administration Building, Second Floor, Room 2037
Working Hours: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
Ramadan Working Hours: 8:30 am - 3:00 pm