Curator of The Photographic Gallery, Journalism and Mass Communication (10001400)

Reports to: Director of the Photographic Gallery

Purpose: Responsible for all operations of the leading Photographic Gallery in Cairo, whose mission is educating students in photographic techniques and appreciation, and serving as a showcase for the best in professional and international photography. The Photographic Gallery attracts many professional Egyptian photographers as well as photojournalists and thus is an important institution that demonstrates that AUC directly contributes and participates in Egyptian cultural life.

The jobholder is responsible for planning, designing, installing and managing all preparations for each exhibition from beginning to end including solving problems and taking decisions faced throughout the whole process. The job also includes contacting professional photographers whose work is to be exhibited, the media and various AUC offices to publicize the events as well as VIPs to inaugurate the exhibitions. The curator must have extensive experience and know-how of putting on a photographic exhibit, including having creative skills in applying visual education techniques in selecting and creating the exhibitions.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Manage and coordinate the development and preparation of all the exhibitions from beginning to end, including working collaboratively with the director of the gallery in selecting shows, planning for the academic year and identifying professional and international photographers for the exhibitions
  • Initiate or take over from the director the correspondence and other contacts with the photographer whose work is to be exhibited
  • Manage the public relations of the gallery to attract AUC community as well as the general public to attend the opening of the exhibition or come and visit the gallery during the display period. Contacts the media to cover the event and arrange press interviews. Send letters of invitation to VIP's to invite guests of honor to inaugurate the shows or to organize joint events. Administer publicity within AUC
  • Manage and take an active role in all aspects of budget including being responsible for all daily money matters as well as planning annual budget identifying the needs for the gallery
  • Responsible for research work to identify professional and international photographers. The jobholder is also responsible for researching material to write the press release, including managing its translation, and the show reviews for the virtual gallery
  • Supervise and assign tasks to one full-time staff as well as supervise seasonal staff and security guards
  • Participate with the director in applying advanced training and education in visual education techniques in the selection of the photos to be displayed and in designing the exhibition. The exhibition is successful not only in terms of the content of the pictures but also to the degree that photos and frames are displayed in a professional manner
  • Responsible for coordinating the loaning of the gallery’s archival collections to participate in international exhibitions
  • Coordinate art installation in the space of the gallery when needed. This includes coordinating with the gallery’s director and designer regarding designing the layout, arranging and balancing the space as well as getting the appropriate material needed
  • Responsible for managing the preservation and archiving of the photographic prints and valuable collections. This includes researching and developing safe methods for preserving and archiving these photographic prints (ex. mount-making, archival and conservation methods) to be exhibited or stored in the archives
  • Responsible for identifying, selecting and purchasing archival material (ex. frames and archival tools). This includes coordinating with local as well as international vendors to obtain quality materials
  • Curator will be accountable for mastering new preservation and archiving methods and technologies as they evolve
  • Supervise the training of student interns in curatorial methods and the discerning of quality art
  • Responsible for organizing lectures and workshops related to photographic exhibitions, to provide the students and the public with the opportunity to increase their awareness and appreciation of outstanding photography
  • Responsible for reporting the strategic plan and annual assessments studies
  • Organize cooperative artistic events in conjunction with the exhibitions including hosting musicians or poets in order to attract the public and enrich the exhibitions
  • Responsible for maintaining a complete record of all print collections, exhibitions and supplies (such as frames and archival tools)
  • Prepare text for the invitation, poster catalogue and captions for each show
  • Coordinate between the designer and the press on the design of the poster, invitation card and catalogue for each show. Provide designer with the information and scans required for the design of the publications. Follow up on the printing of the publications to ensure quality and punctual delivery
  • Supervise the mounting, framing and hanging of the pictures for every exhibition
  • Update and prepare the mailing list for each show and supervise the sending of hard copy invitation cards as well as the hand-delivered ones to VIP’s
  • Responsible for designing and sending an electronic invitation for each exhibit
  • Responsible for the virtual gallery. This includes compiling data, writing show reviews, supervising the scanning of photos for each exhibit and supervising the design and input of data
  • Organize opening reception for every exhibit including contacting food services to order menus for the opening receptions, contacting facilities and services to provide the necessary for the opening. Serve with the director as host to receive VIP's and guests
  • Coordinate with the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication to provide what the necessary media equipment (LCD, projector) to display lectures and documentary films about photography
  • Coordinate with the security office to provide security guards for the exhibitions, and supervise their attendance
  • Supervise the safe packaging and shipping of the photographic prints that are to be sent back to the photographer
  • Perform any other related duties as assigned


Minimum Education Requirement:   

  • Bachelor’s degree in Arts or related field
  • Master’s degree in Arts or related field


  • A minimum of eight to ten years of previous experience including two years in related fields
  • Professional experience in galleries or museums
  • Good knowledge of archival and conservation methods
  • Good management experience including problem-solving skills


  • Experience in curatorial methods
  • Knowledge of archival and conservation methods
  • Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English and Arabic
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Excellent management skills
  • Budgeting and planning skills
  • Computer skills (Word, Excel skills, Quark Express, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver)


The position is open until October 9, 2019


Placement is based on the candidate’s experience and skills. Only candidates who make it to the shortlist will be contacted. If interested, please send an updated and detailed resume to, stating “10001400, Curator of The Photographic Gallery, Journalism and Mass Communication” in the subject line.


“We thank all individuals who have expressed interest in working at The American University in Cairo."