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For the first time in the region, a cashless community is forming within the grounds of The American University in Cairo, paving the road for others to follow! AUC again taking a leading innovative step transforming the campus into a cashless one. Over 5,000 undergraduate students across AUC will use their IDs as their mode of payment for all on-campus purchases.

AUC COIN will transform students’ identification cards into a powerful commercial tool enabling students to use their cards as a safe, accurate and reliable payment method within the campus and soon outside the campus for commercial transactions.  All transactions are real-time based and reported on students’ personal portal for accuracy and efficiency.

AUC COIN is a pre-paid electronic payment system. This makes it particularly popular as it is great for budgeting, as it is impossible to spend more than the amount pre-loaded onto the card. Moreover, it does not put any holds on students’ registration system.

AUC COIN registered users will have the ability to use their AUC University IDs as a payment method by tapping the card on POS devices available at merchants’ shops across campus. Users will also have access to the online portal to manage their accounts, create passwords and track all their transactions.

AUC COIN Benefits

  1. Unique student experience.
  2. Fast and efficient payment cycle.
  3. Transparent and accurate process.
  4. Seamless transactions and shorter queues.
  5. Tracking spending allowing more effective money management.
  6. Learning more about students’ preference and trends to better cater for it.
  7. Greater efficiencies and reduced operational costs.
  8. Lower campus carbon footprint by reducing paper in circulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I be part of the AUC COIN?
You will receive an email from AUC COIN, by accepting the terms and conditions you will be registered to AUC COIN and your ID will be activated.

2. Is the AUC COIN an actual currency, is it block-chain based?
No, AUC COIN is a pre-paid electronic payment method. You charge your ID card with actual currency to use it in all transactions across campus. AUC COIN is only the marketing name.

3. How do I charge my ID?
You can charge your card either (1) Online through your student portal with your credit card, (2) Physically through cashiers across campus listed below, (3) in future phases you will be able to charge your card using AUC COIN ATM machines.

4. Where are the cashiers?

  • Main Cashier in the admin building
  • The cashier at the Students Service Center
  • Bookstores

5. Where can I use my ID for transactions?

  • Food and Beverage outlets
  • Bookstore
  • Stationery Store
  • Popup Book Shop
  • Copy Center
  • Library Printing Station
  • SU Market and Student Events
  • Registrar Army Certification

6. Do I get a receipt for my transactions?
You will receive an electronic receipt instantly upon transaction completion.

7. What if the card does not have enough funds?
The transaction will not go through and the vendor will get an alert message with insufficient funds.

8. Can I still use cash on campus to buy food or books?
Yes, AUC COIN in a new payment method that does not eliminate other regular payment methods like cash, cards, and wallets.

9. Can I refund a transaction?
Yes, you can refund a transaction using your card. Even if you paid in cash, you can get the change back on your card as long as you have an activated account.

10. Can I cash back the money form my card?
No, phase 1 will not have a cash-out mechanism. However, in phase 2 you can cash out your card from cashiers and ATMs across campus.

11. Can I use AUC COIN outside campus?
No, phase 1 does not include vendors outside the campus. However, phase 2 will allow this.

12. Is AUC COIN for everyone?
No, phase 1 will only include undergraduate students and the rollout of all stakeholders will come in phases including postgraduate students, continuing education, executive education, faculty, alumni and staff.

13. What if a merchant or a cashier refused to do a transaction?
Please send an email immediately to

14. Will AUC COIN have an electronic wallet for mobiles now or in the future?
Yes, Phase 2 of the AUC Project will include a closed loop electronic wallet.

15. Can someone transfer money from card to card?
No, this feature is not activated. However, in phase 2 users will be able to do this through the electronic wallet.

16. What if I lost my ID card?
You should log in directly to AUC COIN portal using your username and password to deactivate the card. Once you issue a new card you can set a new password.

17. Can I use the ATM machine to charge my card?
No. In this phase, you can only use designated cashiers or online payment with credit card. However, in phase 2 you can use AUC COIN ATMs for cash in and cash out.

18. Can someone transfer from his wallet (CIB, Vodafone, etc.) to my ID card?
No. This is not activated in this phase. Online is only through credit cards.

19. Can I use my AUC COIN to pay for all the services on campus?
Yes. But for the first phase, only listed services are available. Eventually, all services will be included. E.g. buses, parking, online services and so on.

20. Cashiers and outlets across campus:

Outlet Name

  • Butcher's Burger
  • Subway
  • Seoudi Mini-market
  • Formula Onederful 
  • Quick 24
  • Cilantro
  • L'Aroma
  • The Bakery Shop (TBS)
  • Tarwi2a
  • Book Store
  • Copy Center
  • Library Print Station
  • Stationery Shop
  • AUC Shop
  • SU Market



  • Main Cashier (Admin Building)
  • Cashier (Student Service Center)
  • Bookstores
  • AUC Coin Portal (credit card)


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