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  The AUC Mail Services is semi-automated. This allows for the most accurate and efficient processing, as well, the most effective way to insure that Mail Services billings are complete and accurate. In addition, the availability of the Customer Advice Form on the Mail system, that help continuous improvements and customer satisfaction.​ 
Mail services offices locations & hours of operation:-

Mail Management office:       Physical Plant             [G032]   

Mail Students services:          Campus Center          [P020]​   

**Services hours from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM

 Note: Last mail request placement time for same day collection - 02:00 PM

Operations handling

Procedures overview  


  • Customer place collection request through Mail database system, status Open.
  • Database Mail Agent plans collection round in view of requests zones and volumes.
  • Mail Agent/s assigned performs collection round according to daily plan.​​​
  • Mail Agent/s scans AUC ID of requester to reflect status Collected on Mail system.
  • Mail System generates automatic e-mail to requester customer informs request collection action and mail item/s ID.
  • Mail items collected is to be sorted for distribution either inside AUC NC campus or to Tahrir Campus and other AUC locations [Zamalek, Heliopolis…etc.] or elsewhere.
  • Database Mail Agent updates delivered mail requests status to Closed.

Note: Some of available Mail Agents will perform other assigned tasks when need arises (i.e. airport customs, sorting daily received Egyptian Post Office mail and courier, by hand delivery …etc.).​ 

Mail Management overview


  • Ensure proficient collection round plan and devices prudent utilization record.
  • Monitor database activities to confirm Mail items and time efficiency.
  • Select random COMPLETED customer advice form to ensure services effectiveness and practice Customer Relations approach.  
  • Perform necessary reporting according to database log.
  • Recommend Mail Services development plans.