Resolutions for a More Sustainable Campus - New Academic Year (2017- 2018)

The Office of Sustainability would like to share with you some tips on how we can help AUC become a more greener, happier and healthier campus. 

1) Air conditioning: As summer winds down, we sometimes forget how cold we've set out air conditioners. Air conditioning uses an incredible amount of energy, and the coolants used in the system can also contribute to climate change. If your office or room is too cold, turn down the thermostat—opening a window will just waste even more energy. At night, you can even get away with turning off the AC, opening a window, and enjoying the breeze. It might even remind you of being on some windy beach for summer break.

2) Reusable bottles and mugs: Constantly drinking from plastic bottles and paper cups is expensive and wasteful: even if you recycle the plastic, transporting and processing it for recycling leads to carbon emissions. Luckily, throughout campus, you'll find water dispensers and water fountains, and in many buildings and offices, you can make your own coffee and tea. Take advantage of these resources by bringing a reusable water bottle and travel cup or mug—pick one with your favorite logo or decorate it with stickers to make it even more fun!

3) Recycling: We're lucky here at AUC to have great recycling infrastructure, so don't forget to use it! Throughout campus, we have 13 full sorting stations and 30 mini-sorting stations, with colorful labeled bins that tell you exactly what to put where (food, aluminum cans, plastic, and trash). Every building also has a cardboard box to collect paper for recycling. Take the extra few seconds to make sure you're putting the right things in the right bins, and if you aren't right next to a full sorting station, carry your recyclables a few extra meters to one of our recycling bins. You'll help keep litter off of our beautiful campus and waste out of our landfills.

Thanks for taking the time to think about how you can help make AUC and the planet a little greener. The most important part of sustainability is YOU, the AUC community, so if you have any questions or ideas, don't hesitate to reach out! We are always happy to help at