Event Reservation and Scheduling Process

Are there any special policies regarding the reservation of AUC venues?
Refer to the policies regarding reservation and use of AUC venues.

Can I organize an event at AUC event if I am not a member of the AUC community?
Contact us by email at cvc@aucegypt.edu or call 20.2.2615.2397 for further assistance and inquiries.

How are public and non-public events categorized?
An event is categorized as public if attendance is open to both the AUC and non-AUC community. Events that fall into this category include those with a public announcement. Events that are not public may be by invitation only or restricted by ticket sales.

How can I check if the venue I wish to book is available?
To check a venue’s availability, call Lobna Ali at 2615.2397

How can I reserve a venue for an event?
Fill out the reservation request form