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Student Visa for Non-Egyptian Students

General Rules

• If you are a non-Egyptian student, you must have a valid passport from your country of citizenship in order to travel to Egypt. The passport should be valid for at least six months after the planned return to your home country.

• For entry to Egypt, you must obtain a tourist visa from the Egyptian embassy or consulate in your home country. Tourist visas are valid for one to six months, and are nonrenewable.

• Enter to Egypt with a tourist visa.

• Register your name at the nearest neighborhood police station within the first seven days of your arrival. If you reside at AUC hostel, the “resident assistant” will help you. If you reside off-campus housing, the Business Support Office can help you with this process. Depending on where your classes are held, take your passport and your complete address written on a piece of paper to the Business Support Office located in the Administration Building, room G-023, New Cairo Campus or the Business Support Satellite Office located in room 424  Main Building, Tahrir Square Campus, between 09:00am and 02:30pm.

• If you are American, Canadian, or an EU citizen, you are not to register upon arrival to Egypt.

• Without an appropriate visa from the Egyptian government, you will be subject to deportation.

• Within 30 days of arrival in Cairo, you must complete the application process to obtain a student residence visa.

• The student residence visa is renewed on a semester basis

• Non-Egyptian  full-time students are entitled to University certification to obtain a student residence visa. Full time status for Undergraduate, Non-degree Undergraduate is  12 credit hours. As for Graduate,  Non-degree Graduate  is  9 credit hours.

• If your parents are permanent residents of Egypt, you are not required to obtain a student residence visa provided that you are still a dependent of your parent.

• If you are an Egyptian/dual national male student or your father is Egyptian, the Egyptian government recognizes you as a citizen of Egypt. You are entitled to a six-month stay in Egypt as an Egyptian citizen  without any military service clarifications or obligations.  If you exceed the six-month stay, you have to process the military service exemption for Egyptian/dual national in person otherwise you will not be allowed to leave the country until you clarify your military service status and issue the military service exemption.

• AUC is not responsible for the denial of a student residence visa by the Egyptian government.

Procedure for Applying for a Student Residence Visa

The procedure starts when you fill out the "Student Data Form" attached to the AUC application  for admission, and submit it to the Student Service Center (SSC)with a photocopy of your passport at least three months prior to your planned arrival in Egypt in order to have the security approval.

After arriving in Egypt

  1. Complete your course registration as a full time student and process your payment for the semester
  2. Proceed to the Business Support office in Admin. G-023/G-019, in the New Cairo Campus or their office in the Main bldg. room 424 in the Tahrir campus to get the 'Study Approval Confirmation' form 
  3. Download the Student Visa Enrollment Certificate Request Form 
  4. Submit the Student Visa Enrollment request, which is free of charge, with a copy of your passport in addition to the 'Study Approval Confirmation' form to the Military/Visa Services Unit, Office of the Registrar between 9am and 2pm  in Admin. bldg. room P-041 in the New Cairo Campus
  5. One week after your submission of the request, proceed to the Business Support office, to submit the following:
    • Your passport
    • One passport size photo (required) 
    • The student visa fee (either LE 62.10 or LE 92.10. Refer to the Business Support Office for more details)  

Contact Information

Military and Student Visa Services in Cairo
Voice: (20-2) 2615-2440

The Office of Student Affairs in New York
Voice: (212) 730-8800 ext. 24
Fax: (212) 730-1600