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Work-Study Program

The Career Center provides students with the opportunity to gain on-campus work experience and develop skills while earning some money through the work-study program.

The work-study program gives students the opportunity to work The work-study program gives students the opportunity to work The work-study program gives students the opportunity to work in various departments on campus during the academic year and take part in projects and programs within AUC’s academic and administrative departments.

It allows students to contribute toward their educational expenses, make use of their free time, gain experience, develop transferable skills, boost their résumés and earn extra money.

The type of work a student is required to accomplish may differ from one department to another, according to the duties performed by each department.

Students participating in the program should be willing to dedicate eight to 10 working hours per week with a maximum of 120 hours during the regular semester, 60 hours during the summer session and 30 hours during the winter session.

The student is compensated at the end of each semester.

Work-Study Program for the Academic Year 2014-2015



• Undergraduate, enrolled, full-time students in their sophomore year or above with a grade point average of not less than 2.5
• All enrolled graduate students
• Both Egyptian and non-Egyptian students
• Each department should not exceed the number of 25 full-time work-study students per semester.



• Undergraduate students are paid an hourly rate of LE 30.
• Graduate students are proportionally compensated at the rate of 15 percent (maximum) deduction in tuition fees for one academic course per 40 working hours, two academic courses per 80 working hours or three academic courses per 120 working hours.
• Compensation will be either credited to the student's account or given to him or her in cash upon request.


 Student Section

 • Students should prepare their résumés and upload them to CareerWeb. For assistance on preparing a résumé, click here.

• Research and apply to available work-study opportunities at CareerWeb under the Jobs/Internships section.

Requirements to receive the work study program compensation:

  • Ensure your department sends your Name and AUC ID number to CAPS Office no later than:
    Fall Semester: October 15
    Winter Semester: January 11
    Spring Semester: March 11
    Summer Semester: June 21


  • Complete the work-study evaluation form on CareerWeb upon completion of the program no later than:
    Fall Semester: December 10
    Winter Semester: January 28
    Spring Semester: May 13
    Summer Semester:  July 9

The form must be printed, signed and stamped by your work-study department.

  Ensure that your supervisor has submitted the signed and stamped hard copy department work-study evaluation form to Mostafa Takroury at the Office of Student Financial Affairs and Scholarships (OSFAS), room 2012, Dr. Hamza AlKholi Information Center, no later than: 
         Fall Semester: December 10
         Winter Semester: January 28                   
         Spring Semester: May 13
         Summer Semester: July 9

N.B. Students will not receive any compensation if they fail to abide by any of the indicated deadlines.