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The mission of the International Programs Office (IPO) is to foster student-centered partnerships with programs/students at other universities internationally to realize students’ educational, career and life goals. IPO maintains and enhances resources and services to provide students supportive, in-depth cross-cultural exposure, and encourage their self-awareness, self-reliance and critical thinking skills through its varied study abroad academic programs.


IPO will be recognized at the regional and international levels for its excellence in establishing and maintaining partnerships and study abroad opportunities. IPO perfects academic advising, mentoring and counseling services.



Consistent performance upon which you can depend or trust; the ability to act effectively and imaginatively; the efficient and successful accomplishment of plans and tasks; accepting responsibility and accountability for tasks


Welcoming and respecting the beliefs and practices of others; cooperating with diverse people with integrity; being trustworthy and inspiring confidence in others


A strong and persistent desire for high achievement; taking the initiative to begin and follow through on plans and tasks; seeking cooperation with others to accomplish goals

 Study Abroad/Exchange Opportunities for AUC Students


Academic Advising for Incoming Study Abroad (ISAB) and Non-Degree Students

Short Term and Summer/Winter Programs for 
AUC and International Students


Customized Academic Programs 
for Visitors

Forms, Materials and Useful Links