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You will first enter Egypt with a tourist visa. Afterwards, AUC works with the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt to obtain your student visa which is not issued until after your registration, payment of fees and enrollment. A minimum of 12 credit hours for undergraduate students (nine credit hours for graduate students) is required for eligibility. Since obtaining the student residence visa can take one-three months, after all these steps are completed, you first enter Egypt with a tourist visa.

To avoid delays in what is already a long process, you must submit a copy of your passport along with the complete International Student Data Form (page 11 in the incoming study abroad application) to AUC's New York Office or AUC's Admissions Office. This should have been done as part of the application process. Upon arrival in Cairo, you must visit the Visa Office as part of the Business Support Office to submit the required documents which are as follows:

1. Passport
2. Two passport-sized photos
3. Enrollment letter

Both Tahrir and New Cairo campuses have visa offices where you can submit the required docuemnts. Visa office locations are:

New Cairo Campus: Administration building, room G019/G023.
Tahrir campus: Main building, room 421.

During your sojouron in Egypt, make sure you keep copies of your passport with you. Moreover, if you plan to travel in Egypt, you must have your passport on you because often you are requested to show identification to Egyptian police on travel roads especially in Sinai. An original passport in such a case is required. Also, you need to have your passport with you for hotel check-in, so plan your travel time ahead.

As for Egyptian/dual national males or those with an Egyptian father, you are entitled to a six-month stay in Egypt as an Egyptian citizen without any military service clarifications or obligations. If you exceed the six-month stay, you have to process the military service exemption for Egyptian/dual national in person otherwise you will not be allowed to leave the country until you clarify your military service status and issue the military service exemption. 

For further inquiries, contact Enass Elmasghraby at 2615.2355 or