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Majors and Minors
Academic Offerings

The Department of Electronics Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science in electronics engineering.      

Admission requirements

Students are accepted to the electronics engineering program either upon admission to AUC or after successful completion of criteria courses. High school students with a mathematics/science background are accepted depending on their high school grades and the availability of places in the program. Undeclared students and/or students who wish to change their major to EENG may also be accepted into the program when they finish criteria courses set by the department. Admission to the program is supervised by the department and depends on available places and the student's performance record in the criteria courses. Transfer students are also accepted into the program based on available places, the student’s performance at his/her current institution and high school grades. 

Graduation requirements

A total of 162 credits are required for the bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering:

Core Curriculum Requirements            30 - 42 credits

Engineering Core Requirements           54 credits

Concentration Requirements                 54 credits

Concentration Electives                        12 credits

General Electives                                   0 - 12 credits