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Pandeli Glavanis
Professor Pandeli Michel Glavanis studied at Princeton University (BA and MA) and Hull University (PhD) and started his teaching career at AUC (1974 to 1976) in the Department of Economics and Political Science.

Professor Glavanis returned to AUC in February 2004 (after an absence of 28 years) to teach at the graduate level, Development Studies courses, and as the Associate Director of the Centre for Learning and Teaching. Currently Professor Glavanis is involved in both teaching graduate courses at AUC, but primarily in training AUC faculty to improve their teaching methodologies and strategies and how to incorporate learning technologies in their teaching.

Professor Glavanis also delivers training on behalf of the World Bank to senior civil servants (Ministers and Deputy Ministers) in the area of Public Sector Reform, in Arab countries, and to select private sector corporations undergoing restructuring.

Previously, he has lectured at the University of Hull (1976-78), University of Durham (1978-94), the University of Manchester (1994-2000), the University of Newcastle (2000-2003) and acted as a full time World Bank Senior Policy Adviser on Public Sector Reform Projects in Yemen (2003-04).  Dr. Glavanis has taught courses related to State and Society in the Middle East, Globalisation and the Political Economy of Development, and Race, Ethnicity and Identity in Europe.  At the University of Manchester he was also the Director of the Graduate Development Studies Stream and the MA Programme in Development Studies, and directed a number of funded research projects.  At Newcastle, Professor Glavanis was the Deputy Dean for Social Sciences and had responsibility for Graduate and Research matters.  During this period, Professor Glavanis also supervised 33 doctoral theses  and numerous MA theses all related to different aspects of socio-economic development in the Arab Middle East.

Professor Glavanis has served on the Editorial Board of the Journal of British Middle East Studies and Sociology. He is the former Chair of the UK Coordinating Council for Area/Development Studies Associations, Quality Assurance Agency subject benchmarking panel for Development Studies, and a member of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) panel for the recognition of MA / PhD Development Studies Programmes and ESRC senior examiner for MA / PhD studentships in Development Studies.

Professor Glavanis has also acted as a consultant for The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Middle East Development Projects, The World Bank on projects related to Public Sector Reform, and a number of International NGOs, including Norwegian Refugee Council (coordinated income generating projects in the Gaza Strip), OXFAM, Catholic Relief, USAID, etc.

Book Publications

The Rural Middle East. Peasant Lives and Modes of Production, London, Zed Press.

Patterns of Social Inequality: Essays for Professor Richard K Brown, Longman Sociology Series.

Adjustment, Civil Society and the State: A Comparative Debate, UFPB Press, Susiyulujiyya al 'ilaqat al zira'iyya fi 'l sharq al ausat: istimrar al intaj al 'a'ili (The Sociology of Agrarian Relations in the Middle East: The Persistence of Household Production), Beirut, Mu'assasat al abhath al 'arabiyya, etc.

Article Publications

"Historical interpretation or political apologia? P.J. Vatikiotis and Modern Egypt", in Review of Middle Eastern Studies, Vol.: I (63 77).

"Historical materialism or imperialist apologia? A reevaluation of industrialisation in the Third World", (review article), in Sociology, 15 (431 435).

"The peripheral state and economy in the international division of labour: The Sadat Era in historical perspective," in Journal of the Social Sciences, Kuwait, Kuwait University, Special Issue (181 206).

“The Israeli-Palestinian ‘Peace’ Treaty: The Role of New Social Actors”, in British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, Volume 22.

“'Global Labour’ in the Arab Gulf States: A Threat to Regional Development and Security?” in Competition and Change, Volume 1, No: 3.

“Political Islam within Europe: A contribution to the analytical framework”, in Unas Samad (ed), Migration and Multiculturalism: Muslims in Europe, INNOVATION (Special Issue), Vol: 11, No: 4, 391-410.  

“’Race,’ racism and the politics of identity”, in Patterns of Social Inequality, Longman, Sociology Series, “Working on the Margin: Class, Economic Restructuring and the Formation of Political Identity”, in H Bradley and S Fenton (eds.), Ethnicity and Class: Race and Class Revisited, Palgrave Publishers.

“The salience of ethno-religious identities in the Middle East: An Interpretation”, in J. Solomos and T Goldberg (eds.), The Blackwell Companion to Racial and Ethnic Studies, Blackwell.

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 “Adjustment and consequences for poverty alleviation in Egypt”, in P Glavanis and P Ortez (eds), Adjustment, Civil Society and the State: A Comparative Debate, UFPB Press. 

“From Development to Empowering Civil Society”, in Strategies for Social Development and Social Cohesion in the Euro-Mediterranean Region, North-South Centre, Council of Europe.

“Poverty is not inevitable”, in Strategies for Social Development and Social Cohesion in the Euro-Mediterranean Region, North-South Centre, Council of Europe.