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Justin Martin

Justin D. Martin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Justin’s teaching and research interests involve political and international communication, media ethics, and mass media research methods. He is particularly interested in media, politics, and matters of free speech  in the Arab world and in news use and political participation among young people. His research and writing have appeared in Journalism Studies, Journal of Communication, Columbia Journalism Review, The Journal of Media and Religion, Nieman Reports, and a number of edited books on political and international communication. Also an active essayist, Justin's political commentaries have appeared in The Baltimore Sun, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The St. Petersburg Times, The Global Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, and dozens of other news publications.

A former Fulbright scholar in Jordan, Martin has also won several grants to study Arabic and Arab culture from the U.S. Department of Education, the Carnegie Corporation, and Georgetown University. He is fluent or conversant in several dialects of Arabic. His PhD is in journalism/mass communication from The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. He also holds an MA in journalism/mass communication from the University of Florida and a BS in Psychology from High Point University. 

Research Interests: International and political communication, media and political opinion in the Arab world, freedom of speech in developing countries, news use and political attitudes among young people.

Selected Recent Publications:

Martin, J.D. (2010, forthcoming). Non-profit investigative journalism: A model for the Arab world? Nieman Reports (fall).  Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University.

Martin, J.D. (2010, July 19). Guilt of an expatriate journalist: Wrestling with   
free speech inequity and what to do about it. Columbia Journalism Review.

Martin, J.D. (2010, June 28). Press freedoms lag in Singapore. Columbia Journalism Review.

Martin, J.D. (2010, June 11). Obama must endorse democratic process in Egypt. The Global Post.

Martin, J.D. (2010, June 8). Caressers in Cairo: Egypt’s persistent climate of sexual harassment. The Global Post.

Martin, J.D. (2010, May 21). Sidelined speech in Saudi Arabia.  Columbia Journalism Review.

Martin, J.D. (2010, May 11). All the news that’s fit to sell. At a logical price. PoynterOnline. The Poynter Institute.

Martin, J. (2010, May 1). The global newsgatherer. The Global Post.

Martin, J.D (2010, April 26). America offline. The Global Post.

Martin, J.D. (2010, April 9). A right to lampoon Arab leaders. The Global Post.

Martin, J.D. (2010, March 28). Journalism education vibrant in Arab world, but press freedoms unchanged. The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Martin, J.D. (2010, Feb. 4).  Hearts, minds, and the satellite dish. Columbia Journalism Review.

Martin, J.D. (2010). “Leaving Iraq’s refugees in the lurch.” In Introducing issues
 with opposing viewpoints: human rights
.  Farmington Hills, MI: Gale.

Martin, J.D. (2010). Global journalism research: theories, methods, findings,
 future [book review]. Journal of Communication, 60(2)

Sweetser, K.D., Martin J.D., & Hendren, A.G. (2008). “Media reliance and
international perceptions of the European Union among young citizens.” In Kaid, L.L. (Ed.), The EU Expansion: Communicating Shared Sovereignty in the Parliamentary Elections.  New York: Peter Lang. 

Martin, J.D., Brantley, T. & Beyle, T. (2008). 2008 North Carolina Election Primer. October edition of North Carolina DataNet, to be published by the Program on Southern Politics, Media and Public Life.

Martin, J.D. (2008). “Religion in Politics.” In Lynda Lee Kaid (Ed.), The Encyclopedia of Political Communication. New York: Sage.

Martin, J.D. (2008). “The Daily Show.” In Lynda Lee Kaid (Ed.), The Encyclopedia of Political Communication. New York: Sage.

Williams, A.P., Postelnicu, M., Martin, J.D. (2007). Online campaigning trends in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election. Business Research Yearbook, 24(1), 201-205.

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Postelnicu, M., Martin, J.D. & Landreville, K. (2006).  “The role of campaign Web sites in promoting candidates and attracting campaign resources.” In John C. Tedesco & Andrew Paul Williams (Eds.), The Internet election: perspectives on the Web in campaign 2004.  London: Roman & Littlefield.