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Study Abroad Programs

Each year, students from dozens of college and universities across North America and around the world enroll at AUC for one or more terms, usually during their third or junior year. Applicants for the Study Abroad Program must be enrolled in a program of study at a college or university that has a study abroad agreement with AUC. Study Abroad students may attend AUC for no more than two semesters and a summer session.

AUC's Study Abroad program is one of direct enrollment, meaning students select courses from general undergraduate listings and are not limited to a fixed set of courses. Since AUC is accredited in the United States as well as in Egypt, students from US universities are usually able to transfer AUC credits to their home institutions. Study abroad applicants are advised to plan selection of courses with their academic advisors or registrars before applying to AUC.

AUC is recognized by many US colleges as an approved overseas study site for their students, and has formal agreements with many institutions. While 80 to 100 foreign colleges a year may be represented on campus, a few that regularly send students are Brown, Cornell, Duke, Georgetown, Northeastern and Tufts Universities, Kalamazoo College, and the University of Wisconsin.

Academic Advising for Incoming Study Abroad Students and Non-Degree Students

AUC's Study Abroad Program information on the advising and registration process required for the courses you plan to take at AUC. More.