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AUC Mission, Vision, Values and Institutional Priorities


The American University in Cairo (AUC) is a premier English-language institution of higher learning. The University is committed to teaching and research of the highest caliber and offers exceptional liberal arts and professional education in a cross-cultural environment. AUC builds a culture of leadership, lifelong learning, continuing education and service among its graduates and is dedicated to making significant contributions to Egypt and the international community in diverse fields. Chartered and accredited in the United States and Egypt, it is an independent, not-for-profit, equal-opportunity institution. AUC upholds the principles of academic freedom and is dedicated to excellence.

Our vision is to be a world‐class University internationally recognized for its leadership and excellence in teaching, research, creative expression and service. We will build on our existing strengths to become the leading University in the Middle East and the destination of choice for students and faculty from around the world seeking in-depth cultural exposure combined with outstanding academic programs, cutting-edge research and an ethically engaged, diverse community of scholars. 


We continually strive to be among the best in all we do: in teaching, research, creative expression, service to our communities and service to each other in our daily interactions.

We seek to treat all individuals with dignity and fairness and to promote understanding and respect for diversity of perspectives, traditions and experiences.

Social Responsibility
We are committed to exploring the challenges that confront Egypt, the region and the world, and to using our intellectual and creative capabilities to address these challenges, serve our communities, and have a positive and sustainable impact on development, business, the environment and society.

We believe that individuals are accountable for their actions, and, as members of a community, our individual actions have an impact on others. We are stronger as a community when we reflect on the consequences of our decisions and actions, and we uphold the principles of academic integrity, including fairness, accountability and honesty.

Lifelong Learning
We believe that the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and personal and professional development should continue throughout one’s lifetime.

Institutional Priorities 
Education for Citizenship and Service
We believe that a sound education not only prepares students for professional success but also for responsible citizenship and community engagement. The liberal arts tradition, with its emphasis on the broad education of a common core curriculum and the experiential learning of rich extracurricular programs, strengthens the curiosity and courage of AUC graduates and promotes civic participation.

Research Reflecting Innovation and Impact
AUC is a source of insight and inspiration in many fields, and we expect our faculty and students to participate in scientific, scholarly or artistic production. We particularly emphasize those domains in which there is the prospect of a tangible effect on the development of disciplinary knowledge or the enhancement of societal welfare.

Outreach Enhancing Engagement and Access
We are dedicated to serving communities in Egypt and around the world through extension and outreach programs that bring University expertise and insight to a wider public, that profit from our convening power, and that serve to inform and enlighten public discourse, enhance access to information and knowledge, and enrich artistic and intellectual life.

Management with Sustainability and Integrity
We are committed to managing the operations of the University so as to reflect and foster the values we teach our students, expect in our faculty and wish to exemplify in Egypt. Our institutional practices should exhibit a commitment to environmental, social and fiscal responsibility, and we should observe the highest standards of integrity in the workplace and in our dealings with vendors, clients and other constituents.