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In addition to degree offerings, AUC's Department of Law accepts applicants not seeking a master's degree or diploma, but who wish to take the department's courses for academic credit. An applicant seeking admission as a nondegree student must meet the minimum requirements for graduate admission. Nondegree students may choose to change status and pursue a master's degree or diploma.

LAW 500 Legal Research and Writing*
LAW 501 Jurisprudence*
LAW 502 Comparative Law*
LAW 503 Law and Economic Development
LAW 504 European Union Law
LAW 505 Islamic Law Reform
LAW 506 Egyptian Legal History
LAW 507 The Law and Practice of the Settlement of International Disputes Between States
LAW 508 International Criminal Law
LAW 509 International Law*
LAW 510 Introduction to International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law*
LAW 511 International Humanitarian Law
LAW 512 Human Rights and the United Nations
LAW 513 European System of Human Rights Protection*
LAW 514 Human Rights in the Middle East*
LAW 515 Comparative Constitutional Law and Human Rights
LAW 516 Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
LAW 517 Human Rights and Identity Groups
LAW 518 International Refugees Law
LAW 519 Human Rights in Africa*
LAW 520 Justice: Histories and Theories
LAW 521 Transnational Business Law
LAW 522 International Economic and Trade Law
LAW 523 International Commercial Arbitration
LAW 524 Comparative Corporate Governance
LAW 525 Securities Regulation Law
LAW 526 Antitrust Law
LAW 527 Graduate Law Seminar *
LAW 570 Special Topics in Comparative Law
LAW 571 Special Topics in International Law
LAW 572 Special Topics in Public Law
LAW 573 Special Topics in International Human Rights Law
LAW 584 Human Rights in Practice
LAW 586 Independent Study

*Core courses for the degree programs
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